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Movie Review: NOAH.

Director: Darren Aronofsky.

Starring: Russell Crowe, Jennifer Connolly, Emma Watson, Logan Lerman, Ray Winstone and Anthony Hopkins.

Darren Aronofsky retells the biblical story of NOAH's ark in a way we could have never imagined! Noah is a family man and also a man of God. He is part of a long line of people who were put on Earth to serve God and protect the world. When God warns Noah of an inevitable flood that will cleanse the Earth, Noah must build an ark to protect his family and the animals of Earth.

When I first heard that a NOAH movie was in the works I was on board with the idea, its an absolutely great story, even if you don't believe in the Bible. But I wasn't sure what route they were going to take with the film. Then I heard Darren Aronofsky was directing the film and I got very excited. Aronofsky is a great director, he has a very unique style and that's no exception with Noah, he delivers a thought provoking, heart felt but epic film.

For months there was a lot of controversy surrounding this film, with different religious groups just not liking the film. But I believe if you view this film purely as a form of entertainment and not a 'true story' then you're going to have a good time watching this movie. I am not a religious guy but I do like the story of Noah, I think its one that's very important but also very fun and Aronofsky gives us just that.

Throughout the film, the movie changes quite a bit. At the start it feels very mythological and grand. Then it turns into a big epic action film, with quite a bit of gore and death and then the film slows down a bit and we get a family drama. My favorite part of the film is definitely the first 3rd. It felt very grand in scope and the 'lore' if you will, was very entertaining to me, they dealt with the religious 'facts' very, very well.

If you are viewing this movie because you're a religious person and you want to see how true it is to the Bible, then I have a strong feeling you won't enjoy it. The film certainly takes several liberties with the story but if you view this as a film, as a form of entertainment then you should enjoy it. This is a very interesting and drama filled adaptation of the original story and I have to say, I had a really fun time watching this movie.

Aronofsky directs this film absolutely beautifully, with his editing style that he uses, especially in scenes where it shows the transition of time, I was in absolutely awe. He gives the characters a lot of development and each of the characters seem different by the time the movie finishes.

Russell Crowe really brings the character of Noah to life in this movie, he added a lot of gravitas to the role, made him feel like a man who cares about his family but has a duty to 'the creator' that he must carry out. The rest of the cast do a pretty good job but the one that stood out for me was Ray Winstone as the villain in the film who really surprised me, I've never been a fan of Winstone but he was great in this.

From the trailers the film did look relatively dark but I had no idea how dark it was going to be, there was a very supernatural element to the film that hooked me, it really intrigued me and I wished there was more of it. The film shows the desperation and greed of man and I absolutely loved how Aronofsky got that message across.

The family drama and more personal moments were definitely the highlight of the movie, when the film got into action territory, it felt rather odd. There are these rock monster type beings that help Noah build the ark and defend him, and when they were fighting it just felt very generic and boring but the back story of how these beings came into creation, that they were Angels who attempted to help man, and because of that God punished them and made them into stone creatures, there back story was very entertaining and I wish Aronofsky would direct a full movie about that, sort of a prequel to Noah.

The movie is very entertaining and suspenseful but sometimes predictable but I still had a very good time watching it. The movie definitely slows down by the third act, where its set inside the ark with the family, in the third act I started to get a little bit bored but it was still interesting because of the big plot point that occurs inside the ark.

The film is shot very well other than in the action scenes where the use of shaky cam is involved which took me out of the film. The script was great though, it gave every character a good story and some emotional pull to each character. Even the villain (Winstone) had his motives for being bad and I could almost agree with him at some parts in the film.

The movie will definitely anger some people but like I said, you look at this as a movie and you should enjoy it. It will cause controversy but as a movie, it was very well made, very well acted and I'd definitely have no problem watching it again. I'll probably even buy it on Blu Ray when it comes out later this year. I'm going to give [Noah](movie:204057) a B+!


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