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Noah's life became more detail along this movie adapted, probably, but the references, where they find?

First: there is Angels guarding Eden after Adam and his wife leave, after on Movie are some angels protecting the Ark, Noah and his family. Those fallen angels, the second legion expelled from haven, after Lucifer try to take God's throne the angels from the movie were forgiven and went back the heavens, this angels fell rise and fall again? I don´t question here why the angels were forgiven, He is God, He does what He can do, but, WHERE is on the bible? Any amateur criticism could say this, indeed marketing can't help extra bible content, modified, do it with the Alcoran and criticism would be less of a problem.

Second: Noah's character was explored, his relationship with God, his capacibility to work on that mission, Tubal-cain was an antogonist of Noah, and that's, To me, was the great extra, because Noah was an man searched by God as the only who went in the ways of God over that whole ancient earth and, if you realised, You can't find one choosen by God who left his future doughter-in-law to die. By the bible, we can understand which Noah´s sons entered the Ark with their respectives wives, indeed, they was married. But is not about money (i believe),

Some scenes in fact looks more analogous than in facts based, and some facts were excluded from the chronology like sacrifice before the flood and others added like the offerings, Noah left his future doughter-in-law behind, kill someone inside the Ark, the door closed by Lord intervetion.

John Snowden was adivisor of this adaptation, he read and check, or modify, 10 drafts; Maybe 20 would make the movie more acceptable.

Entertaining was the target (Hollywood did it well as always), if is because the history is old and they can do whatever the imagination do, Aronofsky have his way to do, but this goal can´t bring back what he expects.

Curiosly, the Site Charisma News show the statistic about the growth of Genesis reading, the Noah Chapter about.


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