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Maybe I'll burn you, maybe not.

Surprise! Guess who's back? That's right, your favorite dragon.

The little humans are accusing me and complaining about my behavior in episode 1 on twitter...And I don't like little humans who try to give me orders.

I'll burn them...

But as I'm in a good mood, I'll spare you.

Everyone saw that I was happy, lying on my mother's lap.. Sleeping...Right?

I'm a dragon, not a pony, puppy or bunny. I'm a dragon! And dragons don't take orders. Dragons LOVE meat. Dragons kill everything that moves.

Anyway, it turns out, my brothers came with a tasty, fragrant calf and dropped it near me. I smelt that wonderful smell of fresh blood, and I woke up!

My mother, thinking that she can give me orders, tried to make me stop eating! I was nervous and I asked to her go away.

I caught this image on tumblr...
I caught this image on tumblr...

See? I was just asking her to move away. That's all...

And this...Problem?
And this...Problem?

I don't know why she looked at me like that...

I want to make it clear that no one gives me orders. Little humans don't give me orders, my brothers don't give me orders and my mother does not give me orders. I have a debt with Dany and I'm settling it.

So, think hard before giving me orders, little humans. Or will end up like the calf.

Me in Season 3! I'm so beautiful...
Me in Season 3! I'm so beautiful...

Goodbye little humans, I will be back soon!


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