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After last week’s last scene and the tie in to Winter Soldier, I couldn’t wait for this episode (and I am sure I wasn’t the only one). Here are 5 things you should know about Turn Turn Turn.

**Will Contain Spoilers for both [Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D.](series:722469) and [Captain America: The Winter Soldier](movie:254973)**

5. Aftermath

This is the tie in to the Marvel movie, Captain America: The Winter Soldier, and unlike the tie in episode with [Thor: The Dark World](movie:206462) , we are thrown right into the middle of it. After seeing Captain America the world of SHIELD had to change drastically, and seeing this change from the point of view of the TV show gave a better perspective of what was happening on the inside during the mists of it all. I feel this is what the whole show was leading to, with all the slow moments from the beginning to UPRISING arc that boosted the show to what most people expected it to be. We are going to see more of this moving forward as it not only works as a perfect tie in episode to explain what else is going on in the Marvel universe, but it also changes the direction of the show. It gives it a real purpose other than just flying randomly and offering a more stretching arc than what happened to Coulson (don’t get me wrong I a still dying to find out what happened) or what Skye really is. This is how tie in episodes should be and hopefully in the future movies we will get something more like this and less like the Thor episode.

4. Action

One of the best things of this episode is the action; there wasn't much, mainly in the third act, but what we saw was really awesome- the best action we have seen in the show. Not only did the shooting parts feel real, but also when Ward takes down 12 men by himself, which shows that they weren’t lying at the beginning of the show about him being one of the best. Seeing Phil fight with Garrett was pretty awesome; you could feel the tension and the betrayal there and it just enhanced the action. We don’t need constant action on the show, what we do need is that character evolution we had in this and other recent episodes which make the show work, and the action is like a cherry on top of a delicious spy ice cream.

3. Tension and Twist

Possibly the main thing we get from this episode is the tension everyone is having. Just like in the movie, we don’t know who to trust and neither do our characters (though I think they handled this better in the show than the movie). Coulson is constantly asking who to trust and trying to get answers from people, him and Skye are 100% the ones that couldn’t turn…except that once Hand started talking she did made me doubt Coulson for a second; that is how well they treat these twists. Last episode we ended with Hand bringing the bus down, (aka she is a villain) and through the first half of the episode we still believe so, then she “proves” she is actually SHIELD, but other actions constantly place her in doubt. Garrett: I had my suspicions with him but it was all too clear when he started saying they should kill Hand, still last episode I wouldn’t even have imagined his turn around. They left most of the main cast pretty sure that they are allied with SHIELD, still a bit ambiguous for some but nothing as certain. AND, possibly the biggest twist of the episode: Ward is HYDRA! I called it once he started saying that Garrett was his S.O, kind of being too close to not realize something like this, but still I had no idea previous to this and I was completely shocked, they say there are going to be more twists in the upcoming last 5 episodes so we shall see what tops Ward going to the dark side.

2. Shield and its future

All this episode sets up the future of the show and in part an understanding of the future of the cinematic universe, though not completely/directly. Coulson at the end says they are going to survive and this will be the closing arc of the season. Now that HYDRA is out it pretty much seems like an all out war, except we don’t really know who to trust. Now with Hand dead, Coulson is probably the highest SHIELD agent alive, excluding Fury and Hill, which haven’t been mentioned too much (except for the demise of the director); we already know Nick will appear in the last episode, but what about Maria? We saw her going to the Avengers tower at the end of Capt 2, what could this mean for her future and her future involving Coulson? A lot of questions have arisen and I don’t believe we are going to get answers to all these by the end of the season. They need to leave us waiting for next one and at the rate they are going with this series that suddenly went from an okay show to an 'OMG this is amazing and I'm actually more excited about the following episodes than any other show'(yeah that’s including GoT and Arrow), that’s how good this show turned.

1. Phil Coulson

In the mists of it all we have our lead, Clark Gregg who is amazing with Coulson. I think that out of all the episodes he has been clearly the main focus, this one takes the cake. We seldom see the leading actor lead here and that is one of the strengths for a show, whenever everyone kind of gets the spotlight it hurts it (sometimes not always), but whenever Gregg steps up and commands every single scene he is in, the show just gets better and better. Having all the mistrust focusing on him worked very well, he is not only connected to SHIELD and the more veteran members but he is also in charge of the new group. He is even more peculiar because he is the thread that connected all of Phase One of the cinematic universe so he has a lot of connections, and with this a lot of possible enemies. We will see this play in future episodes, especially next one with the guest star!!

One last thing was that Garrett revealed HYDRA had been torturing the cellist; due to the tension he kind of disregarded the emotional impact of that but I cannot wait to see what they do with that going forward.

This is easily the best episode of the series so far and to me…might be one of the best episodes of the fall season shows. Can not wait until next week!


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