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I'm an Illustrator, Designer, and Painter who smiles A LOT! I love movies and all things pop culture.
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Hi Moviepilot viewers,

Don't worry, I'll keep my introduction short and get to what everyone wants. The name's Andrew Thompson. I'm an illustrator and designer who specializes in portraits and movie posters. Like most of you all, I LOVE movies. So much so that once I get home from work, where I effectively draw and design for 6+ hours, I draw more. My favorite genres are superhero movies (surprise!), animated movies, anything with giant robots, and comedies. I won't bore you anymore, so if you're interested in checking out more of my work, buying some prints or following me on Instagram and the like, I'll link those at the end.

Now to what really matters... [Captain America: The Winter Soldier](movie:254973).

Overall a great movie. Everything about it was perfect. I thought Marvel had done a swell job with [Thor: The Dark World](movie:206462), but I think Cap really knocked it out of the park. WAY outta the park...No surprise really, considering the super soldier serum and all...I don't want to blab too much more, so I'll just highlight my favorite parts.

1. I love how seamlessly they were able to tie Hydra back in. Did not really see that coming from the previews and I really appreciate that Marvel hasn't been showing us everything in their trailers lately, starting with [Iron Man 3](movie:24391). I also enjoyed how Pierce's little bit about "shaping the century" was directed at the Winter Soldier rather than Cap. Really shows the other side to the coin that turned out to be Shieldra.

2. The Winter Soldier's really REALLY cool metal arm. That's all you need. I admired all the close up scenes where you actually see parts of it expanding and contracting. It makes it a little bit more legit. I'm talking to you, Colossus!

3. The unwavering character that is Captain America. In the months leading up the movie, I re-watched the First Avenger in addition to every snippet of The Winter Soldier I could find online. I used to not really be a fan of Cap, but when I saw the first trailer, something clicked. I began to really admire him. There's something about the nice guy that's always ready to help out that just got to me. No matter what the test, Cap's morals will always hold strong and that's very something that should be admirable. That's also something I think Man of Steel tried to do, but ultimately destroyed when Superman snaps Zod's neck.

I immediately noticed that Cap did not seem to like the world he was now in. Not just because it was unfamiliar, but because a lot of the values that he holds dear are not as common as they used to be. It started a little bit in the Avengers, heard in his line "When I woke up, they told me we won. They didn't say what we lost." Upon watching the first trailer, I felt he was disappointed in the world as a whole. They even took the red out of his suit! I felt like a kid who just disappointed his dog. Like to the point where I wanted to go out and make him proud and since I'm not capable of saving the day from any notable perils, I took to my sketchbook.

Ultimately I wanted to create an image that showed the evolution of Cap throughout all the movies. I wanted to capture how hopeful and positive he was in the first movie, then how he was starting to notice the differences in The Avengers, and finally The Winter Soldier.

Thanks so much for sticking through this and reading everything I had to say! I really appreciate it and please let me know what you think of my illustration.

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