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Hey all you little liars! Season four left us with a huge cliffhanger and we can't wait to see what happens in the upcoming fifth season of Pretty Little Liars! One aspect of the show that we all love is all the awesome music we get to hear! Music that is not only mainstream, but also music performed by new artists. The show has encompassed a musical score that was very original but very much conveyed the same tone throughout. Now that the girls have found their "dead" friend Allison, the show will be bigger then ever and so will it's music. We have exclusive interviews about what season five holds musically only on Moviepilot with the composer of season five, Brian Tyler, and a few words from a star of the show, Lucy Hale!

Interview With - BRIAN TYLER

Brian Tyler - Composer of Season 5
Brian Tyler - Composer of Season 5

How are you today?

You know what? I'm good.

How did you become involved with Pretty Little Liars?

You know what? It's the funniest thing. I was originally brought in to be a consultant on the music that made it into the show. I was the guy that was just brought in for some questions that the studio might have had regarding the music aspect of things. But one day, I get this call and they want me to join them in a meeting. So after the meeting I read the script for the pilot of season five and I made a suggestion to the board members of the show at Warner Bros.. I said the scripts (for season five) are fantastic and the season four finale as we all know, was so intense and left us on a huge cliffhanger. The only problem, musically, that I had about that episode and some of the prior ones was that the music was too natural/calm and would only elevate when the show broke for commercial or ended. I thought to my self, why are these producers not using the music to it's full potential? So when I mentioned this issue to them they asked me if I wanted to write the score for season five. First off, I had done all of these big budget film scores and I was being brought on to a show that could take a lot of my time from composing other films. But then I thought about how I could aid the show into having one of the best television scores. Plus it was just so cool. I wanted to amp the anti big time. You're going to hear some of the familiar cues and themes but we have and will continue to score with a full orchestra. It's Pretty Little Liars, with a bombastic film score.

Brian Tyler Conducts His Score for PLL.
Brian Tyler Conducts His Score for PLL.

Can you talk about why you made the decision to go big with the music?

I felt that these characters are at their most vulnerable stage, especially Allison. They have found their friend that was thought to be dead and now they have to protect her at all costs. The music definitely needed to sound like a film score because this show has transformed itself to a much bigger plot. Think of it this way. The plot is not just a mystery anymore. The show has also added the element of protection. The protection of Allison. The mystery has changed from why was Allison killed to why is she being targeted. And the question now is can the girls save her? And the biggest mystery of all, who wants to get Allison killed? The music definitely needed to feel as if the stakes have risen.

Where do you record the score?

I record the score right here actually. At the Warner Eastwood Scoring Stage at Warner Bros. Studios. This is also where the show is filmed by the way.

What character have you had the most fun writing for?

You know what? That's a question I get asked a lot and honestly I have no idea at the moment. I think the stuff I'm having most fun writing right now is just the story element of things. That is the most important part of my job. Every bodies job is to make sure that the audience never stops caring about the story. But I have written themes for all of the characters and that is very fun. So if I have to think about my favorite on the spot? It would have to be Spencer. Because we had a real dark turn with her in season four and she will continue to experience the dark side of herself.

Is there a score album being released for season five?

There is no official score album being released. But there is a Music from and Inspired By album that will be released that will feature my score, and the other songs that you will hear in season five.

Interview With - Lucy Hale

Lucy Hale
Lucy Hale

Hi! How are you today?

Oh my gosh. I'm fantastic!

What can we expect from Aria in season 5?

Well, you can imagine the turmoil she is going through with what happened to Ezra in the finale of season four. I think she is a much stronger person, because of that event. But she is very much a broken person as well. She still has those doubts about Ezra's credibility, but she does still care about him. I think she is a lot more kick-ass this time around. I'm excited for the fans to see it.

Have you heard the music for season five yet?

I have heard some songs that are just awesome. I really like how our musical themes have really been explored more this time around. It's awesome!

What was it like working with composer Brian Tyler?

Oh my gosh! Brian is such a sweetheart. I did not work with him, except for when I sat down to watch and listen to him record the music for our show. But the cast and I have been to his house a fair amount of times and he is so funny. We're good friends now and we hang out on occasion. But to the music aspect of things, he is very talented and we are so lucky to have him.

So what can we expect from season five?

Brand new episodes! [Laughs] I can't say anything. We just started filming and we don't get all the scripts in advance. Not even half of the season is written yet. So all I can say is that it's a lot darker. And now that the five (including Allison) are together again, They must figure out who is after Allison and why they want her dead. The stakes are a lot higher.

So what did you guys think of those interviews? Does it get you excited? What did you find most excited or interesting? We would like to hear from you! Comment below!


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