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Trainspotting? More like Trainspotter. These movie poster mashups come courtesy of some excellent graphic designers over at Can you figure out which movies inspired each poster? Give your best guess in the comments!

#16. Not even an iceberg could stop this film from sinking.

#15. The classic tale of a boy and his Xenomorph.

#14. We already knew the sequel would take place in the city.

#13. Someone call Ivan Reitman.

#12. They'd make this before the reboot.

#11. Still starring Brad Pitt.

#10. Still starring Sandra Bullock.

#9. Sorry Daniel Craig.

#8. Great noses aren't born great. They grow great.

#7. Just read the tagline.

#6. I've had it with these (REDACTED) red zones on this (REDACTED) white zone.

#5. Kevin Bacon's biggest fan.

#4. She is 500% Done.

#3. Directed by Macaulay Culkin.

#2. Troy and Abed are in a mooooovie.

And finally...#1.

Which one was your favorite? Though some of these were pretty obvious, voice your guesses in the comments and see if you were right!


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