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The one thing that The Other Woman will unequivocally do is make you wish you were watching any one of the other movies that are referenced therein. The funniest part of the entire movie is a five second joke made about Fight Club half way through. When something so minuscule is the high point of hilarity for a "studio comedy", you know that the movie genre has been incorrectly labelled.

Granted, the premise for the film could have actually involved some decent moments to be mildly amusing, that is provided any of them had actually been somewhat clever to begin with. What you get instead of smart laughs mostly consists of drunk-vomitting into purses, dogs with large testicles defecating on nice New York apartment flooring (RIP hardwood), walking through plate glass, laxative-induced farting and diarrhea etc... If that kinda humour is what appeals to you, then by all means knock yourself out.

Credit, like in all things must be given where it's due. Hands down the best part of the film is Leslie Mann who injects what altogether fleeting life she can into this utterly deflated corpse of toilet humour and vivacious estrogen. Mann was often the dramatic root of many of her husband Judd Apatow's films, and with good reason. She truly gave a certain level of needed pathos and gravitas to comedies like Knocked Up, Funny People and This Is 40. Mann plays "the wife" yet again and does her best, unfortunately the script here does her no favours. Moments that are supposed to be "deep and meaningful" pretty well all fall flat because they're hamstrung by a cookie-cutter plot that follows its instructions beat by beat and to the letter.

Cameron Diaz who's no stranger to comedies, just feels like she's slumming it here. She's been better in many other films before such as The Mask, There's Something About Mary, Being John Malkovich, She's The One and Gangs of New York. This film belongs nowhere near any one of those aforementioned titles.

Kate Upton is in it, well because she's Kate Upton and she does things that Kate Upton does like wear bikinies, such as in the above picture. She was heavily marketed in the film for obvious reasons, but of course is only in it for the second half. The jury's still out on her acting chops though, considering the role she's given here requires her to do absolutely nothing but wear low-cut tops, smile and be pretty. Nikki Minaj is also in it, not really sure why though.

Like Diaz, the "terrible cheating man" himself, Nikolaj Coster-Waldau deserves so much better than this, he really does. He should stick to better material such as Mama, Headhunters or Game of Thrones, because those are titles worthy of his talents. Jamie Lannister must have owed somebody some serious money so as to have to appear in this kind of drivel. And as everyone knows: "A Lannister always pays his debts."

The other big problem with the film is that it just drags on and on. The film clocks in at 109 minutes long and easily could have been half an hour shorter. Still probably would have been cliche and predictable to be sure, but at least it would have been shorter. Remember back in 2006 when Nick Cassavettes directed Alpha Dog? That movie was awesome and horribly underrated. He should direct another gritty hard-R movie like that, instead of garbage like this. Unfortunately, that'll probably never happen.

[The Other Woman](movie:739914) is the kind of movie that you would go see with all of your friends for a girls night out. Or if you somehow convince your super awesome boyfriend to take you. If you do somehow convince your significant other to go out and see this movie for your date-night, you really owe him big time afterwards. In fact it's probably a good thing that he take you to this movie, because it would really reinforce how much he's willing to put up with for you. Psst! That means he's a keeper!

1.5 stars out of 5


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