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Peter Weir's 1998 movie The Truman Show will be adapted for TV.

It was one of the first high profile takes on reality television (along with the largely forgotten EDtv, which starred the True Detective duo Matthew McConaghuey and Woody Harrellson.)

The movie, which has Jim Carrey in the lead, has this central premise: what if you're life is a carefully orchestrated charade which everyone is in on except you?

It was critically acclaimed and has been so influential as to have been mentioned in a recent interview by Kanye West, when he claimed he had hit a glass ceiling and:

I have driven my Truman Show boat into the painting.

The movie also has a disease named after it - The Truman Show Delusion - whereby victims are convinced they are starring in their own reality TV shows. One sufferer of this disease even traveled to New York to check that the twin towers had really fallen, believing 9/11 an elaborate plot twist in his own story line.

Given all this, it is perhaps not surprising that The Truman Show is now set to land its own TV spin-off.

Paramount TV will produce the show. See the trailer for the original here:

But do you think this premise would work on TV? How many seasons could they keep the main character stuck within his own fictional world? And what do you think was the best 90s movie about an illusory reality?

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