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At last! The obnoxious screeching comedian from Funny or Die's Billy in the Street is doing something for the greater good. Offering mere mortals the chance of sleep with Paul Rudd for a single, solitary dollar!

Well, not really, but 'Billy' did give a handful of people the joy of an erratic, slightly awkward sidewalk encounter with Rudd and a dollar, which is almost as good, right?

Check out video below, but for the sake of your poor eardrums, turn the speakers down first. Billy does not do low decibels.

I can't believe Billy was heartless enough to deny that poor woman a well deserved Rudd hug! The [Ant-Man](movie:9048) star was so desperate to make her dreams come true as well.

So, here's the million (divided by a million) dollar question? Would you romp with Rudd for small change? Well, it's not really a question, is it?


Would you sleep with Paul Rudd for $1?

(Source: Youtube)

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