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It's common knowledge Robert Pattinson is absolutely rolling in cash after stealing our hearts in the Twilight franchise, but a new law suit has revealed just how many dollars rolled into Pattinson's bank account off of Edward Cullen's sparkling back.

In documents obtained by TMZ, it has been revealed that Pattinson and his ex-lover Kristen Stewart are involved in a nasty legal battle about who is responsible for paying them their bonuses for Twilight. While this in itself isn't that interesting, the numbers involved are where it gets juicy.

Despite the first Twilight movie raking in a staggering $351 Million at the box office, Pattinson only received a paltry $300,000 bonus.

Clearly, the star realised he had been totally ripped off by the time his older and wiser self filmed Twilight: New Moon. The actor reportedly met with producers and drove a hard bargain while he was at it. As a reward for his struggles, he was retrospectively awarded a much healthier $2.5 million bonus for the original Twilight.

And, that is just the bonus for one movie. The amount of bonus dollars received for the other films in the franchise is unknown, but we do know that RPatz raked in a staggering $25 million for [The Twilight Saga: Breaking Dawn - Part 1](movie:25327) and [The Twilight Saga: Breaking Dawn - Part 2](movie:41139). Talk about having too much money to know what to do with!

Do you guys think that Rob and KStew deserved to have their bonuses hyper inflated, or should actors and actresses be happy with their already enormous salaries?


What would you do with R-Patz's Riches?

(Source: TMZ)

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