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Kit Simpson Browne

Sad news from the world of wrestling: Legendary WWE Champion James Brian Hellwig - better known to fans as The Ultimate Warrior - died suddenly on Tuesday, April 8.

The wrestling world has come together to express a common grief at the loss of one of it's own - Hellwig had only recently been celebrating his induction into the WWE Hall of Fame. The WWE responded quickly, releasing a statement expressing both their shock and sadness, and sending condolences to his family.

Luminaries of the wrestling world, including Hulk Hogan, The Rock, and Triple H added their thoughts during the week:

The loss of Hellwig will obviously be keenly felt by all who love wrestling, as well as his family and friends. A lifetime of entertaining will not be forgotten - and you can share your favorite memories of The Ultimate Warrior below.

He is survived by his wife, Dana, and daughters Mattigan and Indiana. He was 54.



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