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Ben Affleck playing Batman isn't only a contentious issue on superhero forums, it also seems to be causing issues in Ben Affleck and Jennifer Garner's household. It seems every time Garner has answered a question about her husbands role in [Batman vs. Superman](movie:711870), she has got herself in some domestic hot water,

Still, that didn't prevent the [Draft Day](movie:679837) star from dropping a few more nuggets of information about the Man of Steel sequel. It seems Ben Affleck has certainly been piling on the muscle to play The Dark Knight. When asked by We Got This Covered if she could reveal any Batman information, she explained:

Well anytime I've said anything about that so far I've gotten into a lot of trouble, from Batman. So I have learned that it is a way bigger deal than I ever thought it was and I need to keep my trap shut. But I'll tell you that there is a man working out at my house right now, I'm sure, for the second time today and he has 17 inch biceps.

Say what you like about the casting, but you have to admit Affleck is certainly putting his heart and soul behind preparing for the role. If I was him, I would to. If he messes this up, I'm sure he can fully expect a torch and pitchfork wielding nerd-mob to attack his abode.

What do you think? Does this news reassure you about Affleck playing Batman?


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