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As True Blood enters its final season, HBO are trying to ensure its gets all the attention it should - and on both sides of the Atlantic.

It was revealed following Game of Thrones Season 4 debut that that show was now officially the most pirated of all time. In response, the network made the first episode of Game of Thrones - as well as newly released comedy Silicon Valley - available online for free.

And it might be a similar motive that has led HBO to move forward the UK release of True Blood from the Fall to the Summer, in a bid to keep viewing figures up rather than have UK fans access the show online following its US release.

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At the end of the previous season of True Blood, Eric had travelled back to Scandinavia to sunbathe naked in the snow while immune to the sunlight - but when Warlow was killed, his abilities were removed and he was consumed by fire.

One of the mysteries hanging over Season 7 is whether Eric is dead or not.

But what do you think? If you live in the UK, are you happy to be getting True Blood sooner? And if you live anywhere else, do you think HBO is right to be trying out new ways to reduce the piracy of their shows? And what about Season 7: has Eric died the true death?

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Is Eric dead?


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