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Mark Newton

If you didn't already know that the Western food industry is a morally bankrupt entity designed purely to make money at the express detriment to the heath of their consumers (and let's face it you did), well get ready to have that point hammered home with a new documentary, [Fed Up](movie:1329422).

Following in the footsteps of Morgan Spurlock's shock-doc Super Size Me, Fed Up aims to blow the roof off the American sugar industry, taking aim squarely at the major corporations which keep Americans hooked on sugary drinks and unhealthy junkfood. It's probably a message you've already heard (and probably not paid too much attention to), but Stephanie Soechtig and Katie Couric think you need another helping. Check out the trailer below:

Fed Up will be hitting select theaters in the US on May 9th. Make sure you don't bring a Coke into the cinema.

What do you think? An important message, or a drum you've already heard beat time and time again?


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