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Dania Lerman

There are people who remind us that the word "fan" actually comes from "fanatic". While we're all excited whenever a new X-Men movie drops, some people are... well... REALLY excited. Here are some cosplay-ers, tattoo-ees, street and fan artists who have taken X-men fanaticism to a whole new level:







Mystique tat by Mick Squires:

X-Sleeve by Bengie Archilla:

Wolverine tat:

Epic back tat:

Street art:

Chalk drawing by Eric Maruscak

Some brilliant vandalism:

Graffiti by Kebo of Bloody Monk Consortium

Lego Wolverine in Brighton:

Fan Art:

"Storm" by Marc Newman

"X-men: Legacy 2nd cover" by Leinilyu

"Dark Phoenix" by P3ncilPortraits

"Cyclop" by David J. Vanderpool

Awesome work from some X-tremely talented megafans! What's the most major act of fan dedication you've ever done?

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