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They're gonna feel pretty stupid when they find out. That they're screwing with the wrong people

For a guy that's been stripped of his weapons, locked up in a box and set to be sliced and diced and put on a barbecue, that's a bold statement. Then again Rick Grimes is not your regular guy. He's a one-man, bad-guy-wrecking machine and he's got the unfortunate residence of Terminus in his sights.

And I say 'unfortunate' because I believe Rick's got a plan to escape.

Andrew Lincoln, who plays the zombie-slayer on the show, has admitted that Rick will rain down hell on those in Terminus and I think he's going to do it with a little help from some buried weapons, and Tyreese and Carol.

The Termites have them surrounded
The Termites have them surrounded

If you cast your mind back to the season finale, there were three things that struck me as curious.

Firstly, he buried a stash of weapons in the forest outside Terminus, marking the spot for later reference. Secondly, Rick and his posse entered the compound without first spending a decent amount of time scoping out the joint. Thirdly, as he delivered his call to arms at the end of the episode, Rick was peering out of the container as if he was expecting somebody to arrive.

Here's what I think happened.

On the way to Terminus - and not shown in the finale - Rick and the group ran into Carol and Tyreese, who were also headed in the same direction. Seeing that Tyreese had made peace with Carol over the killing of Karen and David - and knowing he needs all the badasses he can get - Rick accepts Carol back into the group.

Carol and Tyreese and BFFs
Carol and Tyreese and BFFs

Having had their fingers burnt in the past with seemingly idyllic oases of sanctuary (I'm looking at you Woodbury), Rick decides Carol and Tyreese should hang back in case things get out of hand at Terminus, leaving them a stash of weapons and ammo to use with extreme prejudice should the situation demand it.

And the situation now really demands it.

My prediction for Season 5 is we'll be down in the dark with Rick and his people locked in the container. Outside - and unseen - we'll hear a commotion and muffled voices. Thinking the Termites are ready to take the prisoners for some grillin' the doors will suddenly slide open, revealing a machine gun-wielding Carol and Tyreese.

Under the cover of nightfall they'll break out of the container, weapon up and go on a bloody rampage of the 'sanctuary', shooting, stabbing, biting and hacking their way through their captors in a bloody orgy of mutilation and mayhem.

It will be magnificent.

Carol will be the savior, the Termites will be nothing but an eviscerated memory and everybody will live happily ever after. Probably.

What do you think? Will Carol come to the rescue or this just another case of my overactive imagination? Let me know your theories below the line.


Will Carol save Rick and the gang?


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