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Ever since Katee Sackhoff played Starbuck in Battlestar Galactica, she captured the Internet's heart for being bold, brave, and beautiful. But it's one thing to be listed on IMDB as a main character on a Sci-Fi phenomenon and having legitimate geek cred. Luckily for all of us, she's the kind of person that thrives on showing up to nerd meccas like Comic-Con to talk about her favorite comic characters while promoting her role as a mercenary in Riddick, the only redheaded stepchild of a franchise that has legs due to Vin Diesel's passion. Time and time again, she practically begged to play anything awesome. Wonder Woman. Jinx. Harley Quinn. For a while it just seemed like she was defining her Google SEO niche, something like "Katee Sackhoff Geek," the same way Jennifer Lawrence has "J-Law Falls Again" down pat. She's deserved her dream role for a while, but I was really converted to Team Sackhoff after seeing[Oculus](movie:1198571). It's time to give the woman what she wants, especially if it's the Joker's pigtailed jester.

Harley Quinn has been a fan favorite ever since her first appearance in the Gotham universe, an episode of Batman: The Animated Series called "Joker's Favor." She differentiated herself from the likes of Poison Ivy and Catwoman through her personality, which was more tragic than sexual. And while Harley Quinn could potentially just come across as a cheap Gallagher imitation smashing skulls instead of fruit, at her heart she's a lover scorned, doomed to keep coming back to the Joker, whom she affectionally calls, "Mr. J."

Co-writer and director Mike Flanagan's Oculus, horror movie that's mostly about an antique mirror sucking the sanity and life out of those around it, found Sackhoff conveying many of the insecurities that caused Harley to go from upstanding citizen to one of Gotham's most notorious criminals. The demonic mirror might be the cause of Sackhoff's character, Marie, to go from loving mother to possessed beast, but her transition is born out of her own self-doubt. Is she still pretty enough for her husband? Is he having an affair? Even though the film was convoluted with distorted visions jumping from the past to the present, the layer of paranoia permeating throughout the movie is largely thanks to Sackhoff's performance grounded in reality. Before you know it, she's a malevolent force that's devastating.

Still, Harley isn't all devastation and sadness. She's funny. And this is a trait Sackhoff has embodied for years in BSG, Robot Chicken, and even Riddick. There's a sense of self-awareness in her career that fills a specific space in a fanboy cubbyhole. Both Harley and Sackhoff are unlikely heroes in their respective worlds that have caused them to have a surprising amount of staying power.

We're still miles away from Harley Quinn appearing in something like [Batman vs. Superman](movie:711870), but after the oddball casting ruffled fans' feathers, it's time to give Sackhoff what she and the fans want.

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