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Michael J. Royer

Have you ever spent a summer watching AFI's top 100? Do you ever get excited over the newest and biggest summer blockbuster? Have you ever used the word nerdgasm? Maybe that last one was a bit much but if you are like me ecstatic does not describe the fandom you have for the entertainment and talent that is swelling through Hollywood. I've spent the majority of my life watching various films, getting pumped over the latest and greatest trailers, and not only do I do this as a hobby I went on to work for one of the top film production and marketing studios in Los Angeles.

My main criticism of the industry though is not towards the "actual" industry and but is more directed at the viewers themselves. After years of trolling the online pages, sites, rants, and blogs I get a consistent, constant opinion that people say the only thing studios are pumping out any more are remakes, reboots and Superhero films. Hinting at the fact that not enough original stories or plot lines are made. To these statements my opinion is that anyone who believes this is some new trend will be sadly mistaken. The history of Hollywood with remakes and reboots is nothing new but has been going on since the first studios broke ground in the early 20th Century. In fact, during the 1920’s and 1930’s, some remakes and reboots took place less than two years from when the original picture debuted. The reason being, people loved the story so much! Some titles are just rehashed because they display an incredible story that touches the hearts of the collective audience. Is remaking Shakespeare unoriginal? Is making a movie about Moby Dick or The Great Gatsby unoriginal? The answer is no.

Going from that opinion and expanding into each of the studios attempts at making their respective comic universe, similar to the Avengers, this isn't just an empty ploy to deliver an early summer blockbuster. They are rich stories about a lone hero fighting a villain that was once a friend. A genius billionaire who realizes that his mind can be used not just for gain but focuses it on protecting a world that is on the brink of destruction. If anyone states that these are just regurgitated, unoriginal ways for Hollywood to make a buck they are sadly mistaken. Marvel, DC comics, and any other brand have a very rich history spanning across decades of written word. Including story lines that have incredible drama, heroism, action, suspense and love that follow some of the greatest character archetypes hardly ever seen in fiction.

What I find hilarious though is that these works of art were never taken serious for years. Studios sat on these elements and released sub-par work (with exceptions of course) not realizing that with the right director, cast, and direction that could they could make a great movie. If anyone says they're just for children, or nerd fanfare don’t be closed minded. Is reading something with amazing artwork out your norm? Read a few comics, invest a few dollars in graphic novels, and actually do the research. You may actually find that you’ll fall in love with one of the of these costumed characters.

Here is a big thumbs up to Fox and the future X Men series, Marvel and their recent slate until 2028, DC Comics and the plan in the works for the Justice League Universe, and Sony's Spiderman franchise. Keep your minds open, your worries off Batflex, and keep in mind that in the end these companies are aiming to entertain and please you. If you have an issue write your studio president a letter in a positive manner of things they can improve upon. Believe me, they listen :)


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