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Based on the best-seller novel, [Heaven Is For Real](movie:1095226) hits theaters next week. After seeing an early screening of the film, I can personally tell you that this movie is one that could easily compare on a spiritual level to films like [Life of Pi](movie:5529).

The story is told from a preacher's perspective when his son has to go into emergency surgery and the doctors tell him Colton most likely will not live. The preacher goes to the hospital chapel, while his wife calls friends and prays.

Colton miraculously survives, but they soon realize Colton knows things he couldn't possibly know: events like what his parents did during his surgery, things and people that happened and lived before his time, and he speaks about having visited Heaven during his surgery. At first, they are skeptical, but the more Colton reveals, the more legitimate his argument becomes.

For those not of faith, the film may feel uncomfortable at first with the religious emphasis on the family's church, but I think it's just as valuable to those who don't believe, giving an inside look to Christian's everyday struggle as to whether they really believe or not.

Perhaps that is also the best part of the movie: it doesn't conclude whether or not Colton actually visited Heaven or not, so the decision is left to you, striking a similar feel to Life of Pi where you are left to choose between the two versions of the story.

Though the movie has plenty of serious moments, the comedic writing in the film is amazing with some beautiful one-liners like "I did turn the other cheek!" and "We should sing We Will Rock You" are sure to have you giggling to no end for a good ten minutes total, and the absolutely cheeky charm of the boy who plays Colton will have every girl dying to pinch his cheeks like grandma during the holidays.

The movie is one that undeniably strikes up emotions within everyone: from tears, to joy, to absolute amazement! I myself almost started to cry when Colton was in surgery, and I have only ever cried over one other movie. Other people have described it as "one of those movies that make you want to go and turn your life around". Any movie that can spark the feelings to make you want to go and do something about it is definitely a movie worth your time, and this movie is certainly a must-see.

Heaven is For Real hits theaters for general audiences on April 16th, 2014.


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