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The Star Wars franchise has been hit and miss in the video game department, it has had such successes as the Jedi Knight series, the Knights of the Old Republic series and arguably the best games being the Battlefront series. Lego Star Wars is also all well and good, but there's only so much stud collecting a man can do before he goes back to Battlefront II.

Recently though, Lucasarts, and Lucas himself have gone a bit crazy. A few years back we heard tales of Battlefront III, and then it was cancelled. Then last year we got Star Wars 1313, and then it was cancelled. Now though, we just have the story of the cancellation, which looks to be for what could have been, another great game in the Star Wars franchise. The hero would have been Darth Maul, the secondary villain from Star Wars Episode I, complete with double-bladed lightsaber.

The game was being developed by Red Fly Studio, who previously developed the Wii version of The Force Unleashed II, also referred to as the superior version. Apparently LucasArts were so pleased with Red Fly, they commissioned them to create a new game based on fan favourite, Darth Maul.

It wasn't an easy first few months for the studio though. LucasArts offered them little help, in either game design, or story direction, telling them nothing about the life of Maul before or after The Phantom Menace. Eventually, after a few months of just getting on with it, they spoke to Lucas who wanted them to include Darth Talon as a possible co-op partner. After possibly finding a way, and two weeks of unanswered calls and emails to LucasArts, the game was shut down, and now LucasArts is no more.

Darth Maul was easily the best part about The Phantom Menace and he was definitely under used before Obi-Wan did that famous magic trick and cut him in half. I'd love to see him appear in something, anything again. He was definitely one of Lucas' greatest inventions of late.

This is the story of why we can't have nice things.


How would you like to see Darth Maul appear in the Star Wars universe?


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