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Before season 2 of Orphan Black kicks off I decided to re-watch the series and really take a good hard look at the unanswered questions. If you haven't watched Orphan Black yet I advise you to watch season 1 before reading through this post, it contains some spoilers. Feel free to post your predictions below in the comment section. Now for the unanswered questions....

1. Who is Sarah's monitor?
We know who Beth's monitor was, but who is Beth's? Felix? Mrs. S?

2. Who is Kira's father?
We don't know much about Kira at all. Only that Sarah left her for 10 months. If Vick isn't her father, then who is?

3. Who is Carlton?
Mrs. S said Carlton begged her to take Sarah away from England. Why? And who was he in the grand scheme?

4. How did Kira survive the car accident?
How did she survive? Did Sarah and the unknown father have some super genes? Maybe the father's a clone too!

5. How did Cosima, Beth, and Allison Hendrix find each other?
We are never explained how Beth even knew she was a clone. So how did she know to look for the others? And how didn't she find Sarah if she used facial recognition to find the others?

6. What is happening in Europe?
Amelia said she was being hunted, just like the German in Europe. So what is going on over there?

7. What sickness do they have?
The German had it, now Cosima does, but what exactly is it? Is it some way for the creators of the clones to terminate them? A self destruct button?

8. How did Beth know about Maggie Chen?
And why didn't she tell the others? Maggie was involved with Helena, but how did Beth find out about her? And why hide that info?

9. Who is Mrs. S?
Amelia said Mrs. S isn't what she seems. It also seems that Mrs. S ran off, or was kidnapped, with Kira at the end. So who is she really? And what's her part in the grand scheme?

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