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A familiar face is returning to Jurassic World! No, unfortunately it's not a leather clad Jeff Goldblum playing Ian Malcolm, but one of the classic jeeps from Jurassic Park.

According to the Jurassic Park 4 Committee (JP4C) Facebook page, a member of the Universal Studios Department of Transportation uploaded some photos to Instagram showing off both new and old sets of wheels. One picture shows an old Jurassic Park open-top jeep (in fact the number on the side reveals it is the same one rode in my Hammond and the lawyer at the beginning of Jurassic Park, see above) while a second picture shows a much more heavily armored, quasi-military personnel carrier. Check out the pictures below:

Well at least the new owners of Jurassic Park have realized the previous vehicles were wholly inadequate to deal with dinosaur attacks. But those plucky little guys did have one advantage, they could totally outrun a T-Rex. If you want to see that again, check out the video below:

The vehicles were apparently snapped on their way to the filming locations on Honolulu. JP4C also stated that some scenes were being filmed at Honolulu Zoo with plenty of extras taking part. It's unclear if these vehicles were also heading there, but one thing is for sure, [Jurassic World](movie:32752) is certainly roaring ahead.

What do you think? What role will the old jeep play in the new movie? Is there an abandoned part of the park? Drop your theories below.


What is your favorite line from Jurassic Park?


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