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Scarlett Johansson has revealed that she likes her nickname about as much as she likes Soda Stream protestors in a new Glamour interview so, don't call her Scarjo, okay?

The 29-year-old actress bemoaned her media nickname by explaining that she is way too upmarket for this crap. The [Under The Skin](movie:211051) actress said;

I associate that name with, like, pop stars … it sounds tacky. It's lazy and flippant ... There's something insulting about it.

Wow! I never realised she was such a sensitive soul, nor the sort of person would insist on continually use of her full name like an eccentric British Earl.

Having your name changed without your control is pretty annoying, but that is just what a nickname is. You never get the privilege of crafting your own affectionate label, other, often more unkind, people get to do that for you! Hey, at least she isn't the high priestess of the Cheetos like Britney.

My favourite bit of the quote is imagining the look of disgust on Johansson's face as she venomously spat out the words 'pop star'. I imagine it as the sort of expression my 87 year old Grandma makes when she says 'drugs' or youths', and I am loving it.

But, Don't you remember the two albums you released Scarjo?

Will anyone here be discontinuing their use of Scarjo out of respect for the actress, or do you think she is overreacting a little bit?


Do you actually like your own nickname?

(Source: Jezebel via Glamour)

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