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Magic Mike hunk Channing Tatum is set to become the first male to be honoured with the Trailblazer Award at the 2014 Mtv Movie Awards on Sunday, which praises him for paving the way for other actors in film.

What better way to celebrate Channing's win than with a look back at some of the adorkable things that paved the way for him (like we needed an excuse!)...

Channing Tatum's first acting role was in a Pepsi commercial!

Screw the whole lustful "It's 11:30" Diet Coke spiel featuring an insanely ripped, tremendously hot window washer... Channing Tatum (or C-Tates, as I like to call him) scored his first legit acting gig by getting cast in a Pepsi commercial. And it totally makes sense. I mean, who wouldn't willingly sacrifice a full mouthful of teeth to sugar erosion after looking at that lovely little oral cavity slurping on the good stuff!? Exactly.

Channing Tatum was flat-out penniless when he started dating his current squeeze, Jenna Dewan.

I mean, it's not as if you'd have to be a gold digger to want to date the Tatum in the first place. One word: abs. But Jenna Dewar didn't just scoop up the perfect male specimen with good looks, charisma to spare, the heart of a saint, the sexiest man alive, and surely the only guy EVER to manage to turn his stripper past into a strength rather than a dealbreaker! She scooped him up when he had all this but no dollar, and now he's the second highest earning actor of the past year... Okay, so he didn't need any improvement, but I'd never say no to a Chanel handbag!

Wait for it... Channing Tatum used to work in a puppy hospital!

As I sat at my desk, mulling over the fact that YES, Channing Tatum did actually once work in a hospital for puppies, feeding them and nursing them to health, my colleague - who also happens to be the most cynical, grumpy guy I've ever met (like the human equivalent of Eeyore) - looked over my shoulder and blurted "Oh my gosh. Even I'm in love with him now!" That's all the proof I need that Tatum deserves all the awards from all the ceremonies.

What do you guys think of C-Tates? D'you think the man deserves to win the Trailblazer Award at this weekend's MTV ceremony? Hit me up in the comment section below - and don't forget to tell my your favorite Tatum ticks!


Channing Tatum is...

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