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Remember when Dylan Penn was maybe, possibly perhaps dating Robert Pattinson? Well, the internet gossip sites sure do! The 22-year-old model recently did a naked photo shoot for Treats magazine, and it was released on Kristen Stewart's birthday. The horror!

KStew reportedly wanted to spend her day with Rob and websites are wildly speculating (read: totally making crap up) that she is not happy about Penn trying to steal his attention with her smokin' figure.

Check out the racy pictures from the shoot below;

Who here thinks that KStew has better things to do than be jealous of a relatively unknown models nude photo shoot? Robsten is long dead (R.I.P) and I am pretty sure Penn and Pattinson never even dated. Shame really, Penninson has a good ring to it!


Did Rob ever date Dylan Penn?

(Source: E! Online)

(Images: Huffington Post, US Magazine via Wire Image)


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