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Vampire diaries star Nina Dobrev has just been cast in Todd Strauss-Schulson's horror comedy Final Girls. Dobrev joins Silicon Valley's Thomas Middleditch, Adam Devine from Pitch Perfect, and Alexander Ludwig from Hunger Games.

THR describes the film as:

the meta movie which centers on a girl who, along with her friends, is mysteriously transported into the world of an iconic ’80s horror flick, which starred her recently deceased mother (Akerman), a famous scream queen. The group must try to survive the movie and defeat its crazed killer.

And they go on to give a brief run-down of their character's roles:

Middleditch will play a film geek for whom landing in a classic horror flick is a dream come true, until it turns into a nightmare. Dobrev will play the alpha ex-best friend. Ludwig will act as Farmiga’s love interest while Devine will be the movie-within-a-movie's appointed teen seducer.

The producers are calling it "the unlikely child of Friday the 13th and Back to the Future".

But then, they would...

Looking forward to seeing Dobrev sink her teeth into this one? Running for the hills already? Let us know in the comments below.

Final Girls is expected sometime this year.


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