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Could Green Lantern be skipping Batman vs. Superman and heading straight for the small screen? Arrow star Stephen Amell and producer Marc Guggenheim recently teased an Easter egg that suggests the idea is less unlikely than it seems.

Having already mentioned Ferris Air, the airline co-run by Green Lantern's frequent love interest Carol Ferris, in last season's finale, the Arrow team have returned to the teaser game, posting the graphic below to Twitter:

Since Guggenheim co-wrote the critically mauled Green Lantern film, as well as producing it alongside Arrow showrunner Greg Berlanti, it certainly wouldn't be surprising if they had some unfinished business with the character.

That said, Green Lantern could be something of a nightmare to get onto television, with the CGI budget alone making him an extremely prohibitive guest star - and his big screen possibilities surely making DC reluctant to loan him out to the small screen.

An older Hal Jordan (Only one of the Green Lantern's to feature in the comics) appearing, possibly in a villainous role, though? That could be managed with limited special effects requirements - and would fit with he and Green Arrow's history as classic DC frenemies.

What do you guys think? Will we be seeing Green Lantern in Arrow any time soon, or is this all just a way of getting us to tune in? Let me know below!


Will we be seeing Green Lantern in Arrow?


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