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The Masters of the Universe movie has not exactly had a smooth ride, but luckily, by the Power of Greyskull, it does seem to have a director.

Originally, toy-franchise-movie-director-extraordinaire, John Chu was on board to deliver the He-Man movie, however he dropped out due to scheduling conflicts with [G.I. Joe 3](movie:908858). Now it seems Kick-Ass 2 helmer, Jeff Wadlow, is carrying the baton.

According to Schmoeville, this is no silly internet rumor, but hardcore-100%-carved-in-granite fact. The report states that Wadlow directing is an official closed deal and that a formal announcement can he expected from Sony soon.

Personally, I don't envy Wadlow's new assignment one bit. He-Man is a franchise which just screams 1980s fantasy. The costumes, the names, the artwork. All of it is like Heavy Metal married The Chronicles of Narnia and sired some confused, insane offspring. The franchise is going to be rather hard to adapt to the 21st century without alienating the original fanbase.

However, in this age of The Hobbit and Game of Thrones, what is relatively certain is that it will need to be altered to accommodate a new audience with different aesthetic and thematic preferences. Now, I'm not doubting people enjoyed He-Man in the 1980s. But those were very strange times. Back then, people also liked Spandau Ballet, Margaret Thatcher and shoulder pads in women's jackets. Very strange times indeed.

What do you think? Can [Masters of the Universe](movie:506499) be updated to the 21st century without losing all of its original 1980s charm? Let us know in the comments below.


Can Jeff Wadlow deliver a good Masters of the Universe?


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