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Warning: SPOILERS below.

The Walking Dead may be away from our screens until October, but Showrunner Scott Gimple has no intention of letting us rest easy until then - instead teasing that he knows who is best placed to survive the zombie apocalypse. The answer, though, will surprise you.

Asked in an interview posted on the AMC website who of the show's characters would have the best chance of survival, Gimple dangled a tantalizingly unhelpful answer:

¨I would say if someone like Judith can make it to adolescence, I think they’re probably best equipped to survive. But making it to adolescence at that age is a pretty difficult thing in this world.

Which is about about as much helpful information as you'd expect with six months to go until next season.

What do you guys think? Would Judith have been the best placed to survive? Who would you rather have alongside you in a zombie apocalypse? Let me know below!


Who do you think has the best chance of survival?


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