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The Walking Dead is done for another season, meaning we now have a zombie-shaped hole in our lives.

But instead of sitting idly by, twiddling our thumbs and waiting impatiently for this walker-free summer to end and Season 5 to arrive, I thought we could take a look back at Season 4 and celebrate it's most awesome - and hearbreaking - moments.

So I want to invite you to come with me on a journey through the five most magnificent moments of [The Walking Dead](series:201193) Season 4 (and when I say magnificent I actually mean gut-wrenchingly soul destroying).

Warning: Scenes of brutal violence, emotional distress and more brutal violence to follow.

Hershel gets a sore throat

Let's start our journey at the mid-season finale of Season 4. The Governor has rolled up to the prison with a small army and a tank (obviously) and it's clear he's not there to parley. The one-eyed maniac wants to send a message and in a world where WhatsApp is nothing but a distant memory, the best way to send said message is to decapitate the oldest man still alive in the whole entire world.

Hershel deserved better than to lose his head at the hands of the Governor, but this is The Walking Dead. Dying peacefully in your sleep is no longer an option.

God speed you wise old sage. Gone but not forgotten.

The King is Dead, long live the King

It didn't take long for the Governor to get what was coming to him. If you kill by the sword, you die by the sword - at least I think that's how it goes?

Anyway, events took a turn for the worst for the eye patch-wearing SOB when Michonne teminated his vital organs with extreme prejudice. The real kicker came when the Governor - bleeding out and making a sticky mess on the grass - was put out of his miserable misery with a bullet to the head courtesy of his girlfriend, Lilly Chambler.

Never has a death on The Walking Dead been met with such glee. Apart from Andrea's. And Lori's. And Shane's.... Well, you get the idea.

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Carol's glorious return

Apparently killing a couple of people who may-or-may not spread a deadly disease and wipe out an entire community is frowned upon during a zombie apocalypse. For her troubles Carol was sent into exile with nothing but a car-full of supplies, a knife and the knowledge that what she did was right.

However, Carol's absence was always going to be a temporary arrangement and it didn't take long until she was back on the scene.

And thank goodness she arrived when she did, otherwise Lizzie might have killed an innocent child. Oh...

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Just look at the flowers

Which brings us to possibly the most shocking and controversial scene in Walking Dead history - apart from the one where Shane and Lori did it in the grass. Gross.

Using a storyline lifted directly from the comics, Carol and Tyreese returned from a stroll in the forest to find....

Well, you know what's coming. Dare you watch it again?

Remember, if somebody ever asks you to look at the flowers, RUN!

I feel like larynx tonight, like larynx tonight!

Here's a public service announcement to all wandering miscreants on The Walking Dead: If you try and rape somebody's kid, you'll get your throat ripped out by the avenging father.

Easily the most satisfying - and beautifully violent - scene in Season 4.

Rick is the walking dead...

Bonus Scene

The Governor might have a tank, but we've got a Daryl.

Obviously this is by no means an exhaustive list and there are loads of awesome moments I missed out. I'd love to hear your most memorable scenes from Season 4 so let me know below the line.


What was your most memorable moment?


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