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Do you think Sharknado was the only absurd thing shark-related out there? You know nothing, Shark Snow!

10) Dinoshark (2011)

Apparently, 200 million years ago Dinosharks were a thing in the ocean, as if we needed another giant predator swimming around...

9) Swamp Shark (2011)

Someone had the brilliant idea to put a shark on a swamp, and not a normal one, they've chosen the biggest and most vicious shark possible. I was going to ask myself "how can a shark survive on the swamp?", but I stopped asking questions when the first shark decided to fly.

8) Snow Sharks (2011)

Well, I guess it's okay for a shark to live and swim in the snow, since it's basically water...

7) Avalanche Sharks (2013)

That one is like a crossover of Sharknado and Snow Sharks. I wonder what natural disaster will throw sharks on people next... My money is on Volcanoes.

6) Sand Sharks (2011)

While sharks were only on water, they weren't much of a big deal. Just stay out of the water and it's fine, but the problem really starts when they decide to "swim" on sand.

5) Two Headed Shark Attack (2012)

Yeah... two heads hunt better than one I guess.

4) Piranha Sharks (2014)

Why would someone like to mix Piranhas with Sharks? For the same reason they would mix an Octopus with Sharks: BECAUSE THEY CAN. I wish genetic engineering was that easy on real life...

3) SuperShark (2011)

Superman is a man with super powers, the same thing goes to Super Shark, it's a shark that can walk and what's even better, it can fly, yes, FLY.

2) Ghost Shark (2013)

After the success of Sharknado, some guys made a fake trailer called Ghost Shark 2 Urban Jaws. No wonder that someone though this was a good idea and decided to really make a Ghost Shark Movie...

1) Sharktopus (2010)

This one features a creature created by the government that is half shark and half octopus, which allows him to leave water and capture his prey on land. Pretty good stuff that makes a lot of sense.


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