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The premiere of season 4 of Game of Thrones is here Let's hear the collective cheer!!! To celebrate I've put together the essentials for a Game of Thrones themed party. These ideas can also be adapted for other themes such as Renaissance. The main difference between these ideas and the other party ideas I've posted before is that this party you really have to embrace the mayhem created in the series. Literally, the bloodier the better. As always, these ideas are based around a low budget. Take from it what you will, leave a comment below if you have any suggestions. If have a Game of Thrones party I want an invite, or to see pictures!


Construction paper, string, and some glitter can make this banner!

The Throne

Remember all those little plastic swords they put in fruity drinks? Well, get some paint and have at it! I'd use a Barbie chair as a base and build around it.


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Cheap plastic dragons can be found in the toy section of any store. Candles are a nice effect as well!

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House Flags

House Flags are always a nice touch, and super cheap to boot! Paper and toothpicks!

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Get creative with names for your food!

Dragon Eggs

Aka normal eggs with brown one needs to know ;-)

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Ned Stark Cake Pop

RIP Ned...

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Dothraki Horse Heart Dessert

Find the how-to for this dessert here


Who doesn't love bingo? Find the cards here


Probably the easiest cake you'll ever make! White frosting, then make a red syrup (fruit based) and pour over like blood!

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