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Den of Geek caught up with producer Avi Arad on the press tour for The Amazing Spider-Man 2. Arad gave a quick update for his two anticipated projects. The wheels are still in motion for the Metal Gear Solid and Uncharted movies!

The Metal Gear Solid film that will star Solid Snake is finally moving forward after many false starts.

Metal Gear, believe it or not, after a decade, we are now literally starting to develop the script, the director. It took a long time to close this deal. It's now done, finished, the vision is in place.

Uncharted has already found its director, Seth Gordon and a great script.

"And we have really high hopes. It's fun feel, quite intelligent. So that's going very well. To give you production dates I can't, but we when we come back [from the Spider-Man press tour ] we'll settle some of the issues."

Metal Gear Solid is due in three years and is looking at the biblical story of Cain and Abel for inspiration. With Arad promising to capture the nuances and ideologies of the video game and Hideo Kojima on board in a supervisory role, could we finally see a great video game adaptation?


Which film are you excited for?


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