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Have you paid your dues? Yessir, the check is in the mail!
Ryan Gowland

If you watched Night of the Demons and thought to yourself: "Boy, Edward Furlong and Monica Keeva should do more movies together" then buckle up for Aftermath.

Originally titled Remnants, the apocalyptic horror film debuted at the Film 4 FrightFest in 2012, but was just picked up for distribution by Image Entertainment this week. Right on cue, a new trailer has been released.

The film sees Eddie and Moni band together with 7 other survivors after the -- wait for it -- aftermath of World War III. Stuck in a farmhouse basement, the strangers must figure out how to survive dwindling supplies and, worst of all, each other. Basically, it looks like 2011's The Divide, only in a farmhouse basement and not an apartment basement, with the added bonus of having actual zombie-like creatures trying to break in.

Check out the trailer below. Aftermath drops July 18. Andre Royo (The Wire) co-stars.

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