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Apart from the teen vampire ones (aka Twilight Saga) I'd say that's a no brainer. Books will always set a better mood, paint the characters more colorfully and allow you to experience the story through your own eyes and nothing can be better than that (for any avid reader, that is).

However, some movies do their books justice (I'm carefully avoiding the comics here) and yet others leave us with a sense of time wasted that is hard to shake. With Twilight that was so (yes, again with this movie... I'm traumatized!) and so was Divergent, for completely different reasons nonetheless.

Don't get me wrong...I loved myself some Tobias (Theo James apparently sets the screen on fire no matter the flick or series), but I felt the pace was too fast. I know, I know...over two hours in a movie is hardly fast, but those who read the LotR books didn't feel nearly three hours go by in the theaters. And that's my point.

The story seemed jumbled and nonsense (I the movie Tris a boring robot or what?), with much too emphasis being given to not so important things, while other were left unattended. Let me tell you where I'm coming from with this: I read the first six chapters then, unable to avoid the comparisons any longer, I watched the movie. I did the same with Hunger Games, the first movie, and let me tell you I didn't go back to finish that book. The movie did i for me.

How glad was I for thinking that the book would be better, since the movie didn't wow me in any way - apart from Four (sighs). The book is incredibly rich and consuming, with perfect timing and pace shifts and chapter cliffhangers. Veronica Roth is undoubtedly a skilled writer, but in essence she's more than most YA novelists I've read recently; she's a wonderful story teller.

If the movie is all you've ever heard of [Divergent](movie:593270), fix that asap! In the book the story makes absolute sense, the characters are thicker and their actions mostly justified, the setting is described to details and the moral is bound to make you think on it for a while after you set the book down.

If you believe me enough to go check it out, here are three things you'll find out in the book but not in the movie:

Tris' mom Dauntless past

Why Tris and Four are drawn to each other (and the adorable 'how')

And, most importantly: What is a Divergent? (You' d think that one would be answered in the movie...)

Have you read it? Planning to? Not really interested?

Lemme know what you think of the movie, the book or both in the comment section below.


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