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Wyatt Simpson

Ever since Batman Vs. Superman was announced to hit theaters in July of 2015, I have been really excited. A movie with 2 of the most famous super heroes battling it out for... And then I started thinking About what I want it to be like. I know the plot hasn't been announced, but so far I have come to a conclusion based on my own opinion, (this is just my opinion) that I don't want to see a constant fist fight between the two. That being said, I do want to see a constant battle between the two of them, but not just always hand to hand or what ever Superman will do.

Another thing I want to see from this movie is incredible acting. Ben Affleck Performance in Dare Devil was pretty terrible in my opinion. Now I might think that because the movie was just plain bad (just opinion again). But, Just like everybody else I want to see Ben Affleck play this role of batman like none other. To me Ben looks like one of those actors who are born to play a specific role, and that role should be Batman. He even looks like the bruce Wayne in the comics. If you didn't get that I'll give you an example. RDJ playing Ironman, He was born for that part. Please leave your comments below and tell me what you think.


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