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I just recently saw Captain America: The Winter Soldier, and it really opened my mind to the world of superheroes. I used to be a major geek towards DC, and DC only; but because of Cap, I've become more open towards Marvel as I am towards DC. After all, who was it that started my love for heroes? And I'm not about the whole DC vs. Marvel and who's better. I'm more into the pros and cons of each. So here's my side of the Era of Superheroes.

MCU is the most successful franchise to date
MCU is the most successful franchise to date

First, let's talk about Marvel. They started the Era of Superheroes. That was with X-Men in 2000, but you could really say that it was started by Iron Man, because it was what started the MCU. They're also able to create their own original stories while still staying true to the mythology. Take [Captain America: The Winter Soldier](movie:254973) for example; in the comics, (SPOILERS) Bucky Barnes became the Winter Soldier when he was brainwashed by Soviet soldiers and given a metal left arm, going in and out of cryosleep when he was needed. The movie was able to stay true to the origins of the character in how he was created, but made it original to their story by having him be HYDRA's assassin instead of the Soviet Union's assassin. That's also what makes Marvel newcomers and Marvel geeks, like myself, love the movies at the same time; you don't have to be a fan to understand what's happening, and you still see references of other characters and you stay on the edge of your seat if you're a geek. In a nutshell, Marvel knows how to please everyone. And on top of that, Marvel does have more characters that love being superheroes and audiences can actually relate to. They know how to create characters that people will care for.

The DCCU has a lot of work to do
The DCCU has a lot of work to do

Now on to DC. They aren't doing so great in the movie business right now compared to Marvel, but that's not entirely their fault. Sure, Green Lantern was such a colossal failure and a great loss for the DCCU, but the main reason that they aren't in the lead is because Marvel got a major head start. While Christopher Nolan was working on the Dark Knight Trilogy, Marvel was already in the process of making their universe with Iron Man, a strategy that wouldn't have worked out for The Dark Knight Trilogy, as it was more of a stand alone film. And yes, DC is in the works for their own cinematic universe, but it's going to be a while before they can catch up to Marvel. But one area that DC excels at more than Marvel is television. By the end of season two, Arrow will have introduced an entire city of DC's universe, a wide range of villains from Deathstroke to Bronze Tiger, they've left easter eggs for a potential appearance from the Bat-Family, and they already have Flash in the works because of it, who will undoubtedly introduce the more sci-fi side of DC. All Marvel has in that area is [Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D.](series:722469), which doesn't have the same affect on Marvel that Arrow does on DC, and the animated shows that Disney is using. If DC makes it so that Arrow is connected to the DCCU, they're already going to get way closer to catching up to Marvel, because they won't need to introduce as many characters. And they'll already have an audience from Arrow ready for the movies to come.


Who do you stand with?

Marvel and DC are both great works of comics, and I think that they both have the potential to be better than the other. As I'm not just a Marvel geek, or just a DC geek, I'm just an altogether comic fan. Right now, I just want to see where DC is going to go from Man of Steel, and I can't wait for Marvel to continue their universe. Maybe even a future Civil War story, but that I'll save for another article. I hope I made one of you fans out there appreciate Marvel or DC more.


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