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A lot of discussion has been roaming around on how Batman Vs. Superman will be played out and the matters of opinion on who’s playing Batman. First off, I believe in expecting the unexpected meaning that I’m not going to judge a film until I’ve actually seen it. When I saw Man Of Steel, that blew me away because of how Snyder & Nolan twisted the story around with similar traits to the comics and it was incredible. There’s no way anyone can beat the Batman Trilogy of the last decade but if MOS is that awesome, I can’t imagine how this story will be played out.

Since Batfleck came into prominence, too many people are skeptical about Affleck playing the Dark Knight and here’s my take on it. Building him up both physically and mentally for the role is a totally different outlook than when Bale took on the role and Affleck can have a huge presence if he does it right. I personally don’t care about how big the guy’s gotten for Batman, every guy that has played him either did well or didn’t regardless of physique. It’s the combination that plays out more than anything else. Ben has been ridiculed and has admitted that playing another superhero is a mighty challenge. Look at it from this perspective; Chris Evans played Johnny Storm in the two pretty awful Fantastic Four flicks and he did ok but it just never went well, many were skeptical on his role being Captain America in the Marvel Universe but he made it work and it boosted his career higher than ever. Ben Affleck as Daredevil was pretty bad and it’s hard to come back to comic films after that, however, like Evans, he’s got a challenge that will have him do something bigger, more complex and even more awesome as Batman and I feel he’ll live up to the challenge.

The story in [Batman vs. Superman](movie:711870) will be different than anyone of us will expect. We’ve seen plenty of the Animated versions and read the comics but this will be going a different route and I believe it will have a lethal combo of action, intense dialogue, a little humor but darker and it will be dramatic down to the letter. The Psychological side of this movie won’t be like Nolan’s Dark Knight Trilogy but it will have similar things that tie into that dark, dramatic and heartfelt type of film. I can’t wait to see it.

We can’t always get what we want in a movie. Many get so caught up in what they don’t like and won’t even give it a chance, others want more than they bargained for and when they do see it and hate it, they blame it on the filmmakers. I’m the type of movie watcher that doesn’t get caught up in all the hype and seen my fair share where the trailers were better than the actual film but yet, I like to look at movies from another perspective. Some think Affleck will be the worst Batman ever, some will think he’ll be the best; I’m in the middle meaning I’m neutral until I see the movie itself. Sure there are great ideas to have in the movie but there might be things that just don’t fit but in the end, there’s no way in hell unless you’re on the damn set, you can’t really know what they’ve put into it until it comes onto the big screen.

I’d say give the guy a chance and let’s see how he brings Batman to the table, if it doesn’t work they’ll get someone else for a later movie but if it does, it will be something no other Batman before has ever done and it could be the best one yet. I’m looking forward to this movie and my next article will be on Gal Gadot as Wonder Woman. Stayed tuned guys, you won’t want to miss it.


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