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I'm very enthusiastic about movies, I love making short films and I hope one day I can make a theatrical release!
Kyle Watkins

Hey everyone, I was thinking about this story while watching the latest Arrow episode titled "Deathstroke", which by the way, was an amazing episode. If i ever get the opportunity to make a Deathstroke movie, this is the story it would be. But I'll make short films to get it out there. So without further a do, here is the premise of the story. Slade Wilson is working for the Government, he is part of a special program where only select few are chosen, they are heavily trained in many martial arts, and when ready, get the physical and mental boost enhancement(don't know the name but its like what Steve Rogers gets). He and the other 4 members all get it and all get to choose a code name just in case they are captured, Slade chooses the name Deathstroke. On a stand alone mission to Gotham, he looses is right eye and is captured by the Joker. Slade is convinced to work for him and find Batman for a pretty price. This jump starts his career as a mercenary.

So let me know what you think, I thought of it quickly and wanted to see what you all think.


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