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Pretty movies make me pretty happy. Soccer and brownies have the same effect.
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An interview with The Head Honey. This is Kat Morris.

Thanks for sharing a bit of your time, Kat! As compensation, let’s kick things off with a simple matter: who are The Horror Honeys?

The Horror Honeys is a writing group like no other - we're a group of horror-minded, foul mouthed women who LOVE the horror genre in all its various forms. From zombies to serial killers to books about cannibalism, we've got our fingers in all of it.

I'm privileged to have started a project that's attracted such amazing collaborators - we're all about giving women a real voice and a different platform in the horror world - hopefully elevating horror women just a little bit from the stereotypical realm into voices that can be taken more seriously and be viewed on the same level as male reviewers. We're not a feminist organization by any means - if it's good, we love it, if it is s***, we pan it. No suck ups, no free passes. We're straight up and honest about everything. It's a blessing and a curse, really.

Your honesty has been a curse? Has your no holds barred approach incited some fiery feedback from those you criticize, or merely the Anonymous Internet Mob?

It's definitely gotten me (and the site in general) some interesting attention - good and bad from filmmakers and readers alike. I've found that filmmakers who aren't "ready to be artists" have negative reactions to criticism, because what we offer IS criticism. I'm not sitting here saying "this is s***, go die and never make movies ever again," there are reasons for the criticism and I think that I'm fair with what I offer. If it's utter crap with no redeeming features, then I just don't review it.

"The internet mob" has been an interesting journey as well, we get a lot of crap for being chicks in the horror world, which is fine, I can handle that. It's died off now that we're almost past our first year, but in the beginning it was a rough go. Our comments and interaction now is more focused on awesome things - we know our s***, and people are happy to acknowledge that, horror fans are extremely supportive and I love the interactions that we've had from the community.

Word on the street is that you are in the movie-making business. What is it that you do? Where do you want to go with it?

Ahhh, so while I'm not specifically in "the movie making biz" I'm a makeup and effects artist, as well as an instructor, and I have plans to move more deeply into the film world as an artist in the near future.

Best of luck on those endeavors! What is your Moviepilot Contributor origin story?

It’s a little random actually, because I had no idea MP existed until recently. I was approached on Twitter by one of the staffers at MP who liked what was happening on our Twitter feed and on our website and was invited to contribute. I flung some pieces up, got some great feedback, and I just can't seem to stop now.

What immediately struck me the first time I read one of your articles was your penchant for colorful language. It's not just that you've got a relatively extensive vocabulary, but your writing is sprinkled with ellipses, asterisks, and BITSLIKETHIS. Is that something you set out to do deliberately, or does it come forth naturally?

Thank you! Honestly, this is just stuff that falls out of my fingers. I forget what I've written immediately after it's done, so it's nice to hear that a bit of who I am in person comes out on the page - because I'm like that in person - lots of "colourful language" and some extra hand flapping and muppet faces punctuate the majority of my conversations.

I don't set out to be the wittiest bitch in the barn, it just kind of happens.

I'm a very reactive writer, and I usually write while I'm watching a film, or right after seeing it, so what I'm writing is my actual reaction at the time. I don't like to think about my pieces too much unless I'm doing something really in-depth, and even then I like to be quick with it. I'm a second-guesser by nature, so if I get it done and get it gone, I have less time to obsess over how my writing is coming across and can focus more on how I actually feel about a piece of filmmaking.

You've done some interviews yourself. Does any one of them stand out as a favorite?

Since starting our podcast in January we've had some amazing interviews and I don't know that I could choose a favourite because I'm really humbled and honoured that so many people have supported us by coming on the show. I love ALL of the people who've taken time out of their schedules to chat with us about something as inane as movies. Every single guest from indie filmmakers to Hollywood personalities have had something unique, important, or downright endearing to say.

Scott Derrickson
Scott Derrickson

If I HAD to pick one, Scott Derrickson (director of Sinister, The Exorcism of Emily Rose) would be it, he was just lovely to talk to and answered all of our questions, even when I asked him to describe his new film (Deliver Us From Evil) as a small furry mammal.

David Koechner also said WHAMMY for me, which totally made my life.

How long do you see yourself writing about movies? Is it something you want to be making a living off of one day?

Putting it out to the tentacled elders, I would love to write, podcast and interview about, for and with movies until the day I die. I'm obsessed with movies and storytellers and if I could do this forever, I would not complain. Ever.

I don't want to sound like a pompous bitch, but I don't consider what I do with the Horror Honeys a hobby - it's a business, and I know that the other ladies who write with me feel similarly.

Would I like to make money at it? F*** yes I would.

But only if I could maintain the integrity of telling it like it is and calling out things that are s***ty. When money is involved that sometimes gets difficult, but I hope that I can have that cake, share it with the other Honeys, and all get fat together.

5 Questions Bearing a Catchy Name

1. Favorite movie?

Favorite movie ever? Iiiii don't know if I could chose just one! I'm a very mood oriented person, so if I'm feeling angry it might be a different choice than if I'm feeling nostalgic or introspective. Something I watch over and over and over again? The Fifth Element, Stargate, The Exorcist, The Cell, Hellboy II, Blade 2, Hellraiser, The Empire Strikes Back… I can't just pick one, I feel like I'm doing my collection a disservice if I just chose one. Least favourite question EVAR.

The Fifth Element, obviously
The Fifth Element, obviously

2. Aliens visit Earth and ask politely to see a film. If you could pick any movie from the last 25 years, what do you sit down and watch with them?

F*** aliens. Seriously. If they come and see me and it's movie night, we're watching Alien Autopsy and Signs. F*** aliens.

3. If it were up to you, what would be your last meal before death?

Wow. I'm the most boring food person, so this is kind of embarrassing. I'd want a BLT with avocado, a caprese salad, salmon sashimi (a LOT of it), and tomato basil soup. I don't know what I'd eat last because I don't know what taste I'd want to be the last one in my mouth before I snuffed it. I'm going to obsess about my answer to this question forever - thanks for that.

4. Best Picture at the 71st Academy Awards: Shakespeare in Love, Saving Private Ryan, or other?

Elizabeth. I'm obsessed with royalty, history, and famous lineages. Shakespeare in Love annoyed the f*** out of me, but I loved Judi Dench as Elizabeth I (obviously).

War movies, I actually can't stand - they're just too real for me. I spent a LOT of time in university studying military history and I've never cried so hard in a movie as when they're storming the beaches in Saving Private Ryan. It was too much for me to have studied it, read the statistics, done essays on the propaganda and war machines and then to see it played out just destroyed me.

Cate Blanchett in Elizabeth
Cate Blanchett in Elizabeth

5. You're granted a day with any one person in the film industry. Who you gonna call?

Living or dead? Dead - Jack Pierce. The man behind the Bride and Frankenstein's monster was the reason I became a makeup artist.

Living? That's a tougher one, I admire and respect SO many people in the industry that I don't know if I'd be able to choose. This is like choosing a favourite movie, I would agonize forever about my choice and then want to go back and change it. Even choosing a deceased industry person was hard! Damn you. *shakes fist*

The floor is entirely yours. Hype a movie, plug a website, share an article, anything - you get the last word.

I'll take website plug. Please check out - 7 women writing about 7 different sub-genres of horror. New articles are posted every day of the week and new podcasts are also coming out weekly with guests and topics that we love so I hope you'll share our love of the horror genre and our passion for what we do!


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