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even without powers we can still aspire to the examples our heroes set.
Thom Parslow

The beginning of something new.

Aptly named for being my first contribution to a site I have adored for the past couple of years.

To start this is a brief summary/analogy to the latest DC animated feature which is set within continuity of Justice League War.

The Son of Batman.. (something we all wish we were, at some point or another)

Firstly, we are introduced to the protagonist of Damian. At this point Damian is being trained by Ra's Al Ghul and Damian's mother Talia. One day to become the successor to Ra's at the helm of the league of assassins.

We see Damian as a disciplined, skilled and ruthless warrior while in training with the league of assassins, you get a sense of his arrogance and impulsive behavior throughout the feature.

Our main antagonist and villain is none other than Slade Wilson i.e Deathstroke. Slade was meant to be the successor to Ra's before Damian came along, the shift of power ultimately doesn't fare well with Slade. Slade begins to bring about the end of the old regime, demonstrating the kind of mercenary we have all come to love (or hate) killing Ra's Al Ghul (Yes you heard it, dead, dead).

This leads Talia giving Bruce the boy to look after, who is fulled by revenge and a deadly set of skills, Bruce quickly picks up on the boys traits, impressed with his combat skills allows Damian to finally sport the mask and cape.

The film is of course is of a darker and more mature nature, but ever since Nolan's take on the Dark Knight it has become more accepted in Batmans mythos. I can assure you there is plenty of bloodshed in this Animation, but this does well to contrast the different nature between the assassins and the Dark Knight.

I have to say I am pleased with the depiction of Damian and his transformation in to Robin, again accounting for the darker tones and origins to Damian. Robin has been brought back to life in a big way and quickly demonstrated he has what it takes to don the red, yellow and (the not so much) green attire.

We even get cameos from Dick Grayson in full Nightwing attire, but they are only fleeting (to my disappointment) I am sure this was so they didn't infringe too much upon the father son relationship this film centered around.

All in all this is an action packed animation which helps establish Damian Wayne as the new Robin, and a step towards the Bat-Family while keeping within continuity of the recent JL movie and towards upcoming planned productions.

Note. A Batman animated Arkham movie will be released later this year as a stand alone piece, and not in continuity of this or the JL feature.

DC and WB are starting to pick up some momentum with success regarding DC franchises, i hope this just continues to encourage them to produce more content, be it animated films, games and blockbuster movies.

oh, by the way did i forget to mention? Robin kicks the crap out of Deathstroke. Thought you may like that.

This Film gets a Solid 8 out of 10 from me, and I highly recommend it to any batman fan.

And on that bomb-shell..

Thanks for taking the time to read this, please comment and let me know what your thoughts are about this piece and about the film.

I have to say, I was in limbo the whole way through writing this, thinking of whether to write a review, my take on the film or just bit of information. I fear this may have made the piece go together like oil and water.

I got to start somewhere right?


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