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Last weekend, the wrestling world saw the return of the Ultimate Warrior at the WWE’s Hall of Fame Ceremony. Then he popped up to wave fans at Wrestlemania, and then finally popped up again on Monday Night Raw to say hello and lay a little bit of Warrior Wisdom on the crowd. In faux Warrior gear no less.


The next day he died.

Just like that the man had blown back into the lives of wrestling fans only to exit it just as suddenly. The Ultimate Warrior was a great in his time. On TV, lunchboxes, video games and T-Shirts. For a while he was everywhere. And for awhile, a short while, he was even in comic books.

The comic book, “Warrior” first debuted in 1997 from Ultimate Comics. It lasted just 5 issues, all of which we written by the Warrior himself. Out of five issues, we have picked what we thought were the 5 Craziest Moments from them in a means to honor and marvel at this very complex, energetic, exciting and sometimes strange superstar.

5. Warrior Gives Birth To Himself

At least that’s what it seems like to me. At the beginning of the book, Warrior is quite literally floating in the void of time and space, between dimensions before popping into this dimension, crash landing on a planet, then sleeping through several seasons on it before getting up. He seemingly travels this world, searching it for something, before recalling a symbol that reminds him at a body of water of his father, who is either supposed to be Zeus or God. Yeah…its a really strange first couple of pages.

4. Warrior Fights Himself

In Warrior #02, Warrior is momentarily attacked by two red ribbons that seem to be able to talk and are trying to impart some wisdom upon him. He freaks out, which one of the ribbons predicts will happen, and proceeds to try to fight them off before they wrap around his arms.

Let me just take that back for one second. A talking piece of fabric, knows the Ultimate Warrior is going to freak out. Sheesh. Shortly after he begins fighting a beast that comes out of the mirror. Its reflected that this may be Warrior’s “inner beast” that he has to conquer. He of course does, because he is Warrior, and then he proceeds to begin battle with his mirror image.

His mirror image eventually turns into an image of what I gather is Warriors Inner Child. Warrior proceeds to smash the shit out of his inner child. I don’t even know what Freud would say about that.

3. Warrior’s Body is Taken Over


So in these first three issues, while Warrior has been…Warrioring up, he’s also technically appeared to be in a coma in the real world. Well at the end of the last issue he woke up, and through the insanity of this writing we realize, he is not acting like his normal self.

Where once he was kind to fans and his girlfriend now he is a total douche. The entity basically goes around being a super hard ass tough guy and ends up in a bar at the end of the issue, where he proceeds to beat the hell out of several guys, potentially making the first one explode into smoke before shoving his finger through a guys cheek, calling him a wuss and a puss.

I picked this, sadly not because it was the craziest thing, oh no, there is a plane crash that crashes into the “Terrain of Testament” back on “Destrucity” where Warrior is. But the dialogue on that page confused me so massively I picked this as simpler insanity. So…yeah.

2. The Rare 4th Issue

This one took me awhile to get.

Basically, this issue is very rare. Apparently it saw print in only a few places and if I am assuming right, it was never colored. Its just black and white pencils and inks. Because of that some of this is hard to read, maybe with a better scan it could be easier, but a scan was all I could track down.

This book lets us know Warrior has been on a rampage. Everywhere he has gone, every city, every country, world leaders have been found killed. ITS IMPLICATED THE WARRIOR HAS KILLED NELSON MANDELA AND BUSH! Needless to say, he is still wandering free as no one has pinned it on him yet but by the end of the issue we see that it is definitely another entity in control of the form of Warrior, cause the real one is only now becoming aware in “Destrucity” what his body is doing without him.

Nothing all that crazy happens in this issue, but I will add this scene where the Faux Warrior has a run in with someone having fun saying he would kick his ass if he met him in real life. Just know people, Warrior is always watching.

1. Warrior X-Mas Special…

The Warrior X-Mas Book.

Yes, Warrior put out a special X-Mas comic book. Now this is not a really a story book, but more a series of pinups that show Warrior in the X-Mas Spirit being Warrior. I know this doesn't sound insane, specially after everything you may have seen. This may even sound downright tame. And your right, it is. But its still batshit insane. I could go into detail but these are the pictures that jumped out at me the most. Judge for yourself.

Rest in peace, in Parts Unknown, Warrior. We’ll miss your brand of destrucity.

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