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I have seen alot of posts with peoples fantasy casting for the Justice League movie casting, so I thought I would throw my hat in the ring. I know that I am going to get some negative responses or they may all be positive. But I just wanted to post my fantasy casting.

Some of my selections are "given" due to the role already been cast.

Henry Cavill- Superman (already cast)

Ben Affleck- Batman (already cast)

Gal Gadot- Wonder Woman (already cast)

Henry Simmons- John Stewart/Green Lantern I felt that Henry Simmons would be a great choice. He has the height/weight, the look and his voice is similar to the character that was on the animated series.

Lynn Collins- Hawkgirl. Lynn Collins was my first choice for Wonder Woman. I believe that she would play a great Hawkgirl. She has shown that she can put the muscle on and she was one the bright spots in "John Carter". She also has shown us that she can handle the action.

Taylor Kitsch- Flash. Taylor was great in "Savages" and he has shown that he is physically in shape.

Tom Hardy- Martian Manhunter. Tom Hardy was my "shadow" pick for Martian Manhunter. I have see every post and in all they have an African-American actor portraying our favorite Martian. I chose Tom because I believe that could pull off the role.

So, what do you guys think?!


Good casting or way off?


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