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Daenerys Targaryen

My ship had brought us to Astapor, a city based in Slavers Bay, in search of an army. Reportedly the home of the infamous Unsullied warriors, regarded as the best in the world. Eunuch slaves, trained rigorously to follow the command of whomever held the golden whip and bounden to obey their masters every command without question. While my babies were growing fast, it was not fast enough, they were not yet ready for an invasion and we were in need of some serious back up. Juicy Jorah once again provided sound counsel that my hopes of rebuilding my Khalesar were fruitless without proving my strength, and so to Astapor we headed.

The owner of the Unsullied, a rather frightful creature named Kraznys...something else I cannot pronounce {a frequent problem I am finding, one of these days the name Dave will catch on} and his rather saucy translator Missandei proved to us that the rumours of the Unsullied's strength and discipline did in fact ring true. {One lost nipple later} The mans tone belied the words he spoke in Low Valyrian, Saucy Missi clearly displaying diplomacy with her translations. He seemed to think me naught but a stupid little girl.. I resolved to prove him wrong. The tale of the Unsullied's training was nothing short of horrifying. Only one in four would survive it, and all who did forced to kill a newborn babe before it's mothers eyes to prove their dedication and unwavering loyalty to their masters. Eight thousand of them, fully trained and ready, with a further two thousand in training were available I was do the math, that is a LOT of dead babies, and enough to make the dragons blood boil. Kraznys thoughtfully gave me a day to make my decision as to whether I wished to take them.

Taking some time to clear my head, I walked with my ever faithful Jorah through the city, our discussion rather rudely interrupted by an adorable child offering me a wooden ball as a gift. {One of these days someone will cotton on to my liking diamonds, I am sure of it} Taking it with a grateful smile, I suddenly found my gift knocked from my hands, my constant knight in shining armour tackling what appeared to be a hooded assassin to the ground, leaving me rather un-regally on the floor. More horrifying, the ball opened slowly before my eyes to reveal a deadly manticore poised to strike {GAAAAAH I HATE BUGS} The would be assailant swooped and stabbed said beastie, revealing himself to be none other than Ser Barristan Selmy, an ex-member of mad daddy's Kingsguard. {Cue shocked faces} The child revealing her true evil form and escaped before she could be caught, but I had gained one of the most renowned swordsmen in history to my cause. Not a completely wasted day after all {Vile men and lethal beasties aside of course}

Returning the following day to my negotiations with Kraznys, we wrangled over the payment required for the army, the only option left to me being to offer my largest dragon as payment {Sorry Drogon} Cue looks and protestations of complete horror from Jorah and Selmy. As if I did not have a plan! After a sound scolding as to questioning their queen and retreating with their tails between their legs, I also demanded saucy Missi as a gift of goodwill from the now gleeful Kraznys. I rather liked the girl, her response to my warning about the danger of what she has entered:

"Valar Morghulis" - 'all men must die'

...rather delighting me. My response:

"We are not men"

...finally cracking a smile to her solemn features. With all now prepared to hand over the army, my darling Drogon chained {he was NOT happy about it at all} I passed him to Kraznys hand in exchange for the golden whip, the symbol of my ownership of the Unsullied army.

Testing my power to ensure I did now hold full command, I instructed them to march forward...In High Valyrian. That wiped the smiles from everybody's faces. It seems the endless barrage of insults thrown my way since my arrival by the hateful little man now grappling with my dragon had not as he thought gone unheeded. Even Jorah and my new adopted grandpa looked as though they had just swallowed a swarm of bees. It seems all forget who I truly am at times.

With Kraznys look of pure horror at my words, I felt it time to put them all straight...cue speech { I am getting rather good at them} "I am Daenerys Stormborn of house Targaryen, of the blood of the old Valyria, Valyrian is my mother tongue" Cue Jorah with hearts in his eyes. With that, my army was instructed to kill every slave master in the city, free it's people and harm no innocents. My party piece being a look of complete badassness over my shoulder and the muttering of my now favourite word: "Dracarys"

A barrage of flame loosed from Drogon left Kraznys nothing but smouldering ash and loosed hell upon Astapor. My men and my dragons razing the city to the ground and setting its slaves free. I freed the Unsullied and gave them the option to leave or stay and fight for me, thankfully they remained and we marched onward, rather pleased with myself I must say. Electing a rather serious fellow named Grey Worm as their leader, we travelled toward Yunkai, the next target of my anger.

Despite Jorahs pleas that I was becoming distracted from my main target of conquering Westeros, I determined to free the people of Yunkai as I had those of Astapor. My meeting with the cities leader did not go well. The arrogant fool thoughtfully informing me that many had tried and all failed to take the city. Stupid man, I relish a challenge. His offer of gold and ships in return for my departure were countered with an offer of my own I knew full well would be refused. {I am rather getting the hang of this diplomacy business} His subsequent threats and insults toward me earned him a rather stark reminder of whom he was dealing with in the form of a deafening roar from my never threaten their mother.

Sending him away rather unnerved we learn that the "friends" he believes will protect his city are the Second Sons, a professional mercenary company numbering enough to cause us some trouble. Calling their leaders to meet me and discuss an aliance, I was met with the most hateful man imaginable. The Titans Bastard...Meero.

Rude, course and utterly insufferable, his arrogant dismissal of my armies might set my resolve. His comrade however, Daario Naharis, captured my attention. My promise of reward if they would join forces with us went unheeded and Meero's lecherous behaviour had my blood running hot. I sent them from me with two days to make their decision, and instruction to Ser Barristan to ensure Meero would be the first victim should battle be necessary.

Later that evening, requiring a bath to wash the feeling of Meero's vileness from me, I was startled to find a helmed Unsulllied soldier stealthily entering my tent and holding a knife to Missi's throat. On her promise not to scream and removal of his helm, it transpired to be none other than the man whom has so intrigued me, Daario Naharis himself. Revealing that Meero had set him instructions to murder me, he had thankfully refused, and he tossed a rather gruesome gift at my feet in the form of the heads of Meero and the other Second son captain, pledging his fealty to me with bended knee:

"My sword is yours my life is yours my heart is yours"


with not a little leering at my naked form.

Dishy Daario's entry to the fold immediately put Jorahs blood up with his suggestion to take the city from the back gate with a small company, then open the main gates for my army. However Grey Worms agreement with me that we could trust our new friend overruled his misgivings and they set off to their task, leaving grandpa Barristan in charge of guarding me {much to his dislpeasure} Several nerve wracking hours passed before a dirtied and bloodied Jorah and Grey Worm returned to tell me of the battle. My eyes immediately searched for the missing member of the party, my enquiry as to the fate of Daario Naharis earning a soul destroying look of heartbreak from Jorah. My fears were however unfounded and my new gallant knight strode into my tent, bent his knee and offered me the cities banner. Yunkai was now mine.

Addressing the people the following day, freeing them from their lives of slavery they hailed me as "Mhysa" - Missi translating it for me..."mother". And so my journey recommences, my dragons flying above my army, marching our way toward the next city on our route, Mereen. Full of determination that, like the others, it would fall to my new found power.


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