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I realize that sequels get a bad wrap. I just saw the "save the Goonies" photo on the left above of the original cast and their save the "Goonis" signs. It reminded me of the impending sequel that I can't wait for! So now I have to respond in the comments section and to my surprise every single response I see is from some dim witted moron complaining about the upcoming sequel with crap like, "Save the Goonies! From the sequel!" Witty I admit, but a completely idiotic and uniformed comment.

  • A side note here. Before you continue reading my rant let me interject something here. If as you read the below rant and you come across the word "you" next to or around the word "moron" or any other derogatory word, rest assured that I am probably not talking to "you". I am referring to the actual morons that choose to hate on sequels for no other reason than they are sequels. I am speaking to the uneducated, moronic, lack of depth having idiots that love to bash on any film without seeing or at the very least doing said homework on the film. You know, the type of the moron that has not even see a preview only upon hearing the idea of a sequel and suddenly they become a film critic and start giving it negative reviews. I am talking about the morons who just hate to hate. I have tried to remove all the "you" type comments as I know it's hard to read something when it feels as if the writer is calling you names every other sentence. So please remember that in most cases my use of "you" only refers to the haters.

Now, I understand that there are some very bad sequels out there. Someone in that same thread mentioned, The Lost Boys sequels. I only saw one of them and it wasn't that bad. Of course when compared to the original that I saw opening weekend well over 20 years ago, of course it's probably going to suck a bit. There is just no way one can compete with what was an original concept, a beloved film and more than 20 years of history attached to it. It's almost always going to be a losing proposition.

However, it doesn't have to be. There are certain things you can do when creating a sequel to help it not suck. Get the original cast, as much of them as possible. If you can't get them all, don't replace the actor like we're not going to notice. Don't ignore the fact that you are missing some of the actors. At least make something up to explain their absence and have fun with it. Everyone keeps up with the news so make an "inside joke" about it in the film. People love that! Hire good writers that know the subject matter. If you're making a sequel just to make a little extra cash, it's probably going to suck.

The thing to remember however is that not all sequels suck. There are so many that are just as good as the original or even better! And sometimes, the sequels don't get any better but they are just so fun to go back and revisit that it makes it worth while to watch them.

There are some great examples of sequels that are better than the originals or at least as good as. Aliens, The Godfather II, The Empire Strikes Back, and sorry but as much as love Rocky and Rocky II, I thought 3 & 4 were much more enjoyable than the originals and the ones after it. I realize that may be a little controversial but it is what it is. Don't think so? Just ask Mr. T, Hulk Hogan and Dolph Lundgren. None of them would even be names most of us know today if it weren't for Rocky III and IV. All the wrestling fans can shut it, I was never into wrestling, and never heard of Hulk Hogan until Rocky III and neither did anyone else in my 7th grade class when the film came out. Well, there was that one know it all who said he knew that Thunderlips was a real wrestler called Hulk Hogan but we all knew that he was full of it.

And, just think, if we didn't have sequels, Jason Voorhees would just be a footnote in horror film history. It was Friday the 13 Part 2 when Jason shows up to kill, kill, kill... Hell, it wasn't until Friday the 13th Part 3 in 3D that Jason first made the Hockey mask the icon that it is today. Then there's Clerks, one of the best films of the 90's. It defined the possibilities of independent film and gave them some street cred. But, when Clerks II was first mentioned all the whining began, the main cast was back, Kevin Smith was back and yet the haters were out in force! And, guess what? The movie was far better than the first one.

One of my favorite horror movie series of all time is the Final Destination series, sure part 4 kinds sucked but Part 2! Oh My God! If I even see a logging truck on the road I pull the F over! And, the surprise ending to Part 5, excellent. It's a fun series, I hope they never stop making them.

If you haven't seen this movie, what's wrong with you?
If you haven't seen this movie, what's wrong with you?

Of course speaking of my favorite horror series, let us not forgot another one of my favorites, The Evil Dead! Had a sequel not been made, we would have never gotten to Army of Darkness and how much fun was that movie! And, now we've got The Evil Dead 4 Army of Darkness 2 rumors. Sadly at this time, that's just what they. Yet there are still people taking huge craps all over it! Who are these crap talking haters? Who doesn't want to see Ash back? I for one am tired of watching Army of Darkness and Bubba Ho-Tep over and over again, it's time for some new and well financed Bruce Campbell!

Sure a lot of sequels suck, I get it. But, don't hate on a film just because it's a sequel, that's prejudiced. At least do a little research before you hate on it. Educate yourself a little first. Find out who is going to direct it, whose writing it, is the original cast back? Is the studio behind the remake or is it driven by the actors, the director, the writers? The studio only wants to make money but if we're talking about the "creators" of the film, writers, directors and actors than maybe it's going to be worth checking out.

And, the best part about sequels is that you don't have to see them! I hear so many morons talking about how, "You're going to ruin the original!" What level of stupid does one need to be to say and think this. No matter how many crappy sequels they make to The Lost Boys, it's always going to be one of the best vampire movies of all time. As absolutely horrible as Caddyshack 2 and Meatballs 2 were the originals are still classics and forever will be.

One more little tidbit to mention, Star Trek The Motion Picture. Not such a great film. Yes it was nice to see the Enterprise again and to see it on the widescreen was incredible. But, let's face it, it was a snooze fest. But, had they stopped there, we'd never have great lines like, "I have been, and always shall be, your friend." or for that matter, Scotty's overjoyed transmission to Admiral Kirk, "Admiral, there be whales here!" and all the other wonderful lines and adventures we were given over the years.

I could literally point out examples all day long as to why you whining little bastards need to shut it. But, I think I've made my point. Whiners, you can't argue this, my way of thinking gave us Jason and Empire Strikes Back and The Godfather. Sure it gave us a lot of crap as well, but the great thing about it is that we don't have to watch them. Also, keep in mind, no matter how bad you think that sequel is. No matter how in your blind eyes it's ruined the original to a point it can never recover. There is someone out there that loved the movie! There are probably fans of it who think it was just as good or better than the original. Right now there is someone out that thinks Grease 2 was the best movie of all time!

Sequels, we really need to stop hating on them and give them the respect they deserve. I am not saying you can't hate on a sequel. But, don't hate on it for being a sequel. Hate on it for being a crappy movie instead. Don't bundle up all the sequels like that. They have earned their right to exist with Academy Awards, Golden Globes and other accolades. They have gone on to become fan favorites and cult classics. So please, show a little respect to the sequel.


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