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According to franchise producers Avi Arad and Matt Tolmach, we will be seeing either a "Venom" or "[Sinister Six](movie:1274281)" spin-off movie in 2018 instead of "The Amazing Spider-Man 4".

In a revealing interview with Den of Geek, Matt Tolmach stated "Before we know what we do with Spider-Man 4, we're going to do Sinister Six, Venom and Spider-Man 3. There is going to be a lot of crossover in those movies. So we're just not at Spider-Man 4, because we still have a whole other Spider-Man movie and two other movies. So we don't know yet what [Spider-Man 4] is going to be"

Marc Webb has recently confirmed that he will be directing "[The Amazing Spider-Man 3](movie:671279)" announced for May 27th 2016, but has subsequently ruled himself out of "The Amazing Spider-Man 4".

Marc Webb, Director
Marc Webb, Director

So where does that leave the franchise and upcoming films? What can we expect from "The Amazing Spider-Man 3"?

Well, a lot of set-up for the spin-offs. The introduction of Eddie Brock, who later becomes Venom should be pretty concrete and with his inclusion expect to see the symbiote that binds with him to form Venom. From here the narrative can go down two paths for the origin of the symbiote; Alien or grown in an Oscorp lab.

However, Marc Webb tweeted out a picture captioned "Day 3 " hinting at the idea of a Harry-Venom. This being the same locker in which Peter Parker and Eddie Brock find the Venom suit in the comic book "Ultimate Spider-Man". This theory was further catalysed by CraveOnline who linked the happy birthday to actor playing Harry Osborn, Dane DeHaan.

The birthplace of Venom
The birthplace of Venom

It will be interesting to see the direction the studio will take with Venom plot, in a shared universe with morally virtuous Peter Parker, the storyline could involve a juxtaposition of the two characters and how they deal individually with presented threats. If this was the case, I personally would love to see the duo take on Carnage as the main villain.

In regards to the "Sinister Six" it is rumoured that three villains will be introduced in "The Amazing Spider-Man 2" leaving two, if not more to be introduced in "The Amazing Spider-Man 3". The lineup of the six has varied over the years and no characters have been outright confirmed by the studio, but they have teased both Dr Octopus and The Vulture.

Teasing The Vulture & Dr. Octopus
Teasing The Vulture & Dr. Octopus

I guess before we make any more assumptions, we should check out "The Amazing Spider-Man 2" opening in the UK on 16th April, a couple of weeks earlier than the US release date on 2nd May.

What are your feelings about the upcoming spin-offs? Who would you like to see included in the "Sinister Six" lineup ?

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