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Hey everyone, so we recently heard that MoS 2 would be releasing on May 6th 2016, the same day as Captain America 3. So this will be a big game of chicken. Kevin Feigi, CEO over at Marvel, stated that Cap 3 will not be moving. Dan Fellman stated that MoS 2 probably wont move, but we will wait and see. Here's how I see it, MoS 2 will move, and it would be smart if they did. MoS 2 needs to do BIG on opening weekend, if [Captain America 3](movie:994409) is opening same day, they wont make as much than they would have otherwise. I do believe if they open on the same day then MoS 2 would do better just because of Batman and Wonder Women, though I think Cap 3 will be the better film. They will certainly both make lots f money but opening on the same day will hurt both of them, but Cap 3 can take it because they will still make money and Marvel has the budget to take a small dip. The reason i say MoS 2 will make more is because the characters are more known, people want to see Superman and Batman on the big screen together(I don't like Ben Affleck but that's besides the point) and its something people might never have been able to see. So that's how I see it, Cap 3 will be better, but MoS 2, if it doesn't move, will make more.

Whats your thoughts on this matter, which movie do you think will make more, and which do you think will be better.


Which do you think will make more?


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