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Live Long and Prosper
Louie O'Sullivan

Celebrating Batman 75th year DC Comic have created an animated short By Bruce Timm Which was written animated and directed by him. This animated short captures the origins of the Batman universe perfectly, the tone, characters and animation creates a full rich story in just under 3 minuets which sums up Batman perfectly. Click here to watch the video.

The tone of the short pays homage to the classic horror films of the 1930s which was when batman made his first appearance in 1939 in Detective Comic #27, these films were one of many things that inspired Bob Kane to create Batman. Bruce Timm aimed to pay tribute to what inspired the creation of batman and also the dark gothic horror movies of the time. Bruce Timm does this perfectly by putting the short in black and white and having a dramatic sound score to add the finishing touches and complete the tone.

The animation is done By Bruce Timm who is famous for his work of co-creating batman the animated series and who also set the bar for TV animation and in doing that he created one of if not the best animated TV shows ever. so if your a fan of Bruce Timm's work you won't go away from this short disappointed trust me. The animation captures batman, the villains and the background surrounding him perfectly it captures the gothic darkness of batman with that classic horror movie twist that just does batman justice.

The Characters in the short are not the ones you expect to see especially if your familiar with the animated series and batman him self, you'd think we would see an appearance from the joker who was batman's first ever villain and Harley Quinn because after all Bruce Timm did create Harley Quinn. Instead Bruce Timm was clever and went for two well known but unexpected batman villains Hugo Strange and Solomon Grundy! Hugo Strange one of batman's early villains plays a sort of doctor frankenstein type character and Solomon Grundy is his monster, the reason this was a clever choice was because it still keeps in touch with that classic horror feel and another reasons the villain choice is clever is because its not what you would expect to be in a animation short which is to do with celebrating batman's 75th Birthday. The Dark Knight him self Batman sports his classic costume which he wore in Detective Comics #27 which is a nice touch both for true fans and also a nice way of paying tribute to the work of Bob Kane and Bill Finger. Another Nice touch is the Dialogue between the charecters well I say Dialogue I should really say lack of Dialogue which is a perfect touch because it builds up the dark horror movie like atmosphere and as all batman fans know Batman isn't really one for conversation, however the dialogue that is in there is just right, from Doctor Strange's "you don't scare me" to Batman's one and only line (2 words) "for now" and don't worry the Voice of batman is done by Kevin Conroy (the greatest Batman ever).

To sum up this short was a beautiful tribute to the beginning of the long and wonderious 75 years batman has been around. it has wonderful easter eggs for those who have been fans of both batman in the comics and on TV, it has amazing animation and art by the legendary Bruce Timm and great voice acting. I hope Everyone who reads this checks out the animated short and enjoyed it as much as I did and any batman fan who watches the short will not go away from watching it disappointed.


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