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1. I think the Batman vs. Superman movie is going to be tricky, but it can work. Superman is tricked by Lex and exposed to red kryptonite. The reason for red kryptonite is; it has an unknown effect on Superman. Each piece can only be used once, meaning a different piece of red kryptonite is needed for it to effect him again. Also, its not known how each piece will effect Superman. However, this piece caused Superman to attack Batman and Green Lantern (Hal Jordan). To me Hal makes the most sense here since he has been introduced already, but this is Detroit so John will appear at some point in this movie.

2. This encounter is one sided. However, prior to the battle taking place Superman scans the Caped Crusader and discovers Batman has no special powers, also Superman's scan reveals a lead pouch in Batman's utility belt. Batman tries to reason with Superman but the effects of the red kryptonite will not be denied. Superman is smashing Batman. While the tiniest portion of Superman's brain continues to fight the effects. On the inside, Superman is engage in an internal battle over what his dad said (be the symbol of hope or something like that) vs the effects of the red kryptonite. Superman, while he remains in the tiniest bit of control; has reduced his power to that of a human, refusing the use his full power because after scanning Batman; he sees he is a human. However at some point Batman gets a few blows in and the rage is to great for Superman's brain to stop the effects from spreading and taking him over entirely. Lucky for Batman Hal Jordan arrives. Hal has heard of both heroes and is wondering why they are fighting each other. Hal produces an force field trapping both guys inside, but placing a barrier between the two. Hal's ring scans both guys quickly and reveals Superman is under some sort of influence ofa very rare form of red kryptonite. Hal chooses to give Batman a second of his attention and that is all Superman needs to over power the force shield which contained both guys.

3. Batman and Hal knows that to stop Superman would be to kill him and both guys agree killing him is not going to happen. Although using anything less than full force is not going to work so Batman tells Hal to encase him in one of his protective shields just in case what he is about to do doesn't work. Hal shields Batman, Batman says so you want to know what is inside of the utility belt, pouch number 1, Green Kryptonite, and Superman retreats. The most telling part about the scene is the exchange between Hal and Batman: Hal says, "how did you know that was going to work" Batman says just like using that yellow banana peel if I have to...Hal's response, you think you know everything, Batman says thanks...

4. Batman and Hal spend time trying to figure out first how to get Superman back, also, they still have to deal with Lex and Joker. Joker, who Lex knows now is nowhere near capable of beating Batman and Hal, instructs Joker to get more muscle. Lex places a galactic bounty on the head of Batman and Hal Jordan. Batman is a meer mortal and a waste of the former Green Lantern's time, but the face on the second page is what Sinestro lives for, and even better; the face is Hal Jordan. He flies in and demonstrates his powers. Lex is excited. Exited to the point Earth is a distant memory in the things he wants to conquer, with Sinestro at his side Lex is thinking about the entire Universe...

5. Several small skirmishes happen in which Batman and Hal are forced to retreat. Having to reduce their powers because of Superman and Sinestro's ability to play on their fears has put them on the short end of these encounters. However, Joker in his blind hate for Batman will give them the break they need.

6. All this is happening and a young Naval Petty Officer named Diana Prince hears about this as she is traveling home to Themyscira. Diana tells her mother man's world is under attack. Diana says she must help. Her mother gives her blessing as she leads her to a wardrobe of items she may need during her journey. Meanwhile...

7. Joker blinded by his hate for Batman exposes Superman to a second piece of red kryptonite. Thinking a second piece would make Superman finish off the Batman. But, Joker is unaware that no piece of red kryptonite will have the same effect on Superman. Superman under the influence of a second piece of red kryptonite, flies off toward the Sun. His hope is to destroy it and destroy the universe. Batman knows only Hal can stop Superman. Knowing that he is about to leaves himself exposed, he sends Hal after Superman. Sinestro has his own personnel wishes and Hal's death are right at the top, but Lex convinces him to stay, because now this planet is theirs for the taking. Batman knows how risky facing them alone is; but he goes ahead and draw up plans to take them down one by one. As he is drawing up the plans Alfred says to Master Bruce there is a young lady wanting to see you. She says it has to do with Steve Trevor. Might I add she is wearing a rather dashing outfit. Batman instructs Alfred to take her to his study. The first thing he notices is that she glides. This is no ordinary woman.

8. Meanwhile, Hal informs the Guardians of Sinestro's presences on Earth. He tells them Sinestro is on Earth wreaking havoc. Hal asks for help, the Guardians only offer is John Stewart. However, Hal has to convince John. Hal and John have history which wil play out fully in the John Stewart movie, however, Hal talks to and convinces John that the good people of Detroit will suffer most as the final battle is to be staged there. Well, John needs no more asking since Hal mentioned Detroit.

9. Some of the problems between John and Hal are because the Guardians chose John. Hal, because of their past, knows John is more than capabe of holding his own with Sinestro. The two guys who are considered to be the greatest Green Lanterns of all; past comes face to face with future. Hal assurance comes from a past altercation he and John had. During a distant skirmish, in which John displayed power no other Lantern has shown. In one of their training sessions Hal and John go past training into what would be consider a fight. Hal being more experienced with the ring, knows that mentally Lanterns can't move yellow objects. Green Lanterns have to use the ring to physically grab and toss yellow objects because yellow has an impact on them. However, John Stewart; the opener of Doors, chosen by the Guardians, does not suffer that same constraint. As he mentally stops the object in mid air without using a beam. This is the very reason Guardians chose John; because he has no fear, yet. In a later episode it might be revealed that he does have one fear. One of the few times Sinestro will give John a huge thrashing. This will play out in a future episode when a certain Thanagarian wins his heart. Because of this altercation; John was awared full Green Lantern status. The Guardians felt that under the most extreme pressure John was not only able to control himself, he was able to show no fear. John's ring gets fully activated. Hal is sent to guard Earth realm.

10. Hal and John both are to be assigned to Earth sector 2814; Hal states that the two of them should talk this out. John agrees when this is over they should have a sitdown. Hal also instructs John to seek out a being who goes by the name Batman. So once John enters Earth he opens his ears, mind and eyes to seek out this person called Batman. The search yields nothing so John uses his mental telepathy and Wonder Woman picks up the signal. After a brief exchange Batman invites John to the cave. Batman instruct John to make sure he is not followed. To which Green Lantern goes invisible (inviso)... Batman, Wonder Woman, and John quickly dispatch Lex and his band of merry men. Shade arrives and turns out the lights on all of them. John clears away all the darkness but in doing so Sinestro is able to enact Lex's command to escape. When all the darkness clears a new super being arrives in a flash. His first word are: where's your mask Bro, Flash (Wally West) speaks to John. John replies "this black man has nothing to hide". Instant bond. Hal Arrives back on Earth with Superman.

11. Superman makes a huge apology to Batman. Batman steps forward and says listen up: Earth could be under attack from many other beings; from anywhere in the galaxy. Earth needs our powers as its defenses. We must form a group. Flash says like a bunch of Superfriends, Superman says; no, a Justice League. The goal is to seek out and find other beings with gifts, they don't have to have super human powers they just have to have super human hearts. And as Superman is talking: Darkseid is sitting on his throne: saying yes TWO KRYPTONIANS live, they live for their death. Which leads to SuperGirl being in the Justice League movie.

12. As for as the JL movie goes, The directors right now need to be looking at making an alternate universe, and an alternate planet with lifeforms and styles like and unlike our own. The next movie doesn't have to be about John Stewart, I think his exposure should come from the Flash movie and maybe smaller parts in the Wonder Woman movie. I mean in the JL movie John might be selected to oversee an entire universe because one of the Guardians has been found guilty of violating his oath. John will have to oversee a universe until another Guardian can be appointed.

13. Aquaman could be in the JL movie, Hal, maybe Shazam and Captain Atom, also J'onn J'ozz. I would have Batman in at the start of the JL movie. But, because he has not created a suit that would allow him to survive space; the only roles he can take part in are the ones on Earth. For now. Because of the speed force, Flash can survive any atmosphere. Like Bat's Aquaman would be questionable; how long he could survive in space. If the planet has water, Aquaman can survive. If nothing else a quick dip gives his lifeform moisture; which is all he needs...Plus Hal can always soak Aquaman every 24 to 48 hours...What we now know is the JL movie will have Super girl and Superman in it, for sure. Here is what else we know: the League will learn what happens when it sends most of its Heroes off into space and leave the planet vulnerable. Lex will attack or is the Gorilla, who can talk, in charge; Grodd. This is where Barry Allen could be brought in.

14. At some point, the League will be forced to seek help from a little kid who promises he can help. And with the utterance of one single word a man as powerful as Superman appears. Also, and Archer, will also come to aid league members, with a young lady who has an ear popping scream. And from the skies comes John Stewart's love kryptonite (Shayera). These are all the possibilities going forward the DC writers can use to keep us on the edge of our seats...Above all else give the streets what they want. If writers stay close to the streets and engage the people, it will be easy for them to stay on top. Know your audience, your core audience and if you address them they will bring others along.

15. John Stewart and Wally West are what the kids know. Use this cast to bring in heroes from the past. We also know John and Shayera has a great story, that should be told. Don't cloud the issue with Superman and Wonder Woman, everyone knows Superman and Lois Lane are a story, Batman and Wonder Woman, as well; but John and Shayera are this eras love interest.

16. Do it slow, there is no need to rush it. I see the Justice League saga living for a long time. If the saga is told in a deliberate and accurate manner to include fully developing the characters, and relationship. John and Shayera relationship doesn't happen right away but she does make him do a double take.

17. Updating new powers, I mean giving Batman a suit made out of a brand of Kryptonite that doesn't effect Superman. For Batman; after the battle in this movie he knows if this happens again he will not survive. During the Justice League movie while the others are off in space, Batman is setting him self up to become as powerful as the rest of the members. For his new suit will afford him the ability to fly, see infrared patterns, anti-gravity gloves which allow him to lift huge object, and boot that allow him to jump high, also like a bat, he is allowed to walk on ceilings...

18. The JL life has legs, the question is; will DC do what the fans want or will they do what they want to do? And some day, add the Question and the Huntress...


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